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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

One exam to go...

YAY no school today!
However, tomoro is the mother of all pointless exams - Textiles.
Trying to revise it as we speak, though as you'r reading this you can probably guess the attempt to revise is not working out as well as i'd have wanted.
Hmm, random ramble for today....
Well.. i got up at 11 (ish) ... okay, half 11. Went downstairs and had breakfas whilst watching Tony Blair and Michael Howard have the Political version of what would be an East-end bitch fight. Except with less "'oo duh yoo fink you arr?" and more "the propaganda which goes with them, are not really about the Constitutional Treaty"
Didnt know politics could be so entertaining ...

Talking of the East end, WHO SAW EASTENDERS LAST NIGHT?! OMG! Dont let Spencer die!! lol actually, we saw a pic of Dennis carrying a little boy out of the wreckage. God that man would look good in a fireman uniform.
Change of subject!
Yesterdays antics were muchos fun. Noodling, Swimming and a bit of Valeing. Not a bad way to end what was essentially the most dire Physics exam ever. First of all, the people either side of me finished in half an hour (a 1/3 of our allotted time) which left me panicking as i was still trying to figure out whether it was distance is speed times time or whether it was speed is distance times time. Time is speed times distance? Blah.
PLUS my stomach kept on rumbling at random intervals which was mighty distracting. Especially when i was trying to remember essential formulas for 4-mark questions.
Then after our swimming (I did not know K-Smudge's brother was the lifeguard until Smooshmoose and Spangus went up to him going "Are YOU Keiths brother?") we had guys versus girls football.
OF course with our honourary newly reinstated girls - Pinki, Hicksie, Wardgia, Ollivia and Smooshelle (aka Greens, Hicksy, Ward, Ollie and Will) we werent half bad. And even though i got hit, squished and smashed I RAN!! Can you believe it? AND I SCORED! Yay! Ok, Hickson may have, just MAY have dropped the ball at my feet before me tapping it in the goal, but still!
And then Elly got hit by the ball. And ClareBear showed some excellent thigh control with the ball (shame it went straight to Keith) Raquel displayed an excellent skill for blocking the guys views of the goal (mwahaha what great tactics we have)and I just ran around squealing, hoping the high pitch would bring them to the ground in spastic fits. But still at the end of tha match (to which we scored the last goal) the score was about 7-9 to the guys which wasnt half bad seeing that the majority of the girls were wearing certain items that would hinder our movement. In the form of skirts, heels and in my case, ballet shoes (THE RED ONES!!) which actually, to my delight, matched the football.
And everyone knows that COORDINATION is the key in any sport :)

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/23/2004 11:14:00 am
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