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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

She shoots..... and there goes her shoe!

Oh.My.God. *does best Janice impression*
I never thought id say this, but today i was playing sport. And having way too much fun! Sorry but if kicking a ball at Spangus's head while he stands there and lets you aim isnt entertaining what is?! However, just a quick note, its not ideal to wear ballerina slippers whilst playing as they tend to fly off quite easily. And hit passers by perhaps... BTW though toe punting/punching the ball is quite fun, it hurts like no ones business if you are wearing thin shoes like mine.

But yes, and afterwards some yr13 grammar boy (not Pyscho Ben- though i saw him and ran. RAN LIKE THE WIND) told me that i was "pretty good at football for a girl". I dont know whether to be pissed off that this remark was soo sexist. Or ecstatic that a fit year13 made conversation with me.... Ho hum..

Sixthform morning was not bad. OMG! Am thinking of volunteering for this drugs education project run by these people called D.P (which led to many giggles during the talk) Yeah, not much really happened there. Except i got HOT soup from the vending machine. yes, opposed to cold soup which you can get if you pressed the wrong button. But no. We LEARN from our mistakes. Well, if we remember.
And as for any MAJOR holidays this summer?
Clare Bear says:
im goin to Belgium for the guitar trip and America for a cousins wedding which should be fun. How bout u?
Zoe says:
The Lake District. With my parents. On their anniversary.

Cant wait...

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