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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sunday- The day of rest

After finally come to a pause in my agenda I have decided to update this baby which i havent done so in aaaaaages (ok three days.. what? I swear I get withdrawal symptons...)

Ok, where do I start?
Thursday’s posh dress party was great if not slightly emotional. Had another sangria-style incident, as after eating all the fruit in the punch bowl was told that it absorbs all the alcohol. I really should have learnt that by now…
It was a surprise party so we all waited in the garden as we were told Bekash was almost here. So there was about 20 of us, with party poppers holding our breath about to shout SURPRISE! then 10 minutes in, we received a phone call, she had was just about to leave the house. Bugger.

Friday came. Party began about 4. Was scheduled to arrive at Ellys house at 5 as my dad was taking me after he got back from work. Happily he came back extra early so we would make it for about half 4. Ended up arriving there at half 5 onwards. Turns out my map reading skill REALLY aren’t what they used to be. Well, me thinks the D of E has had a damaging effect on the way I read maps. Plus the fact that now holding them upside down is almost a reflex…. So yes. After I arrived, saw everyone in their fancy clothes, was tres sociable and decided to join Chaz and run around au antural (NOT naked, just with no shoes) before exclaiming “OK, now wheres my drink?”
And then! LOL get this! And then! Elly comes out with this HUUUGE bottle of WKD (blue) and hands it to me. And I'm like. SERIOUSLY?! And shes like, just don’t down it all at once. So yeah like like... Five minutes in of my arrival I'm walking around with a huge bottle of alcohol the size of my thigh. Score!

Later that night, I remember vague attempts at dancing… playing basketball… jumping on a trampoline and eating a large container of flying saucers. Mmm sherbet. And also finding Rosie and Charles behind the shed and running away… well, being piggy backed away (there were pointy things on the ground and i had no shoes on), screaming "MY EYES MY EYES!"

ANYWAY moving swiftly on to yesterday. TOGFEST!!!!!!
For those of you who don’t know, Togfest is a music festival that happens in MK every year. This year I went to go see my very own dear Machete who was performing that day. Arrived at about noon. Listened to some young “rockers” called Bad Incision who most of the time just sounded like … one big noise… Oh my god I feel like an old man. But yes. Rain came, went home, came back later only to find that people I actually knew, Raquel, Clare Bar and Foster were in da house. (not literally as we were in a marquee but you know what I mean)
And yes, saw Machete perform alongside a VERY fit bassist (you'r so right Machete) and after her performance, when outside listening to Togmor and dancing around, linking arms, dosey do-ing (they were a country folk band), the WHOLE lot, GUESS WHO WALKED PAST?!
Lets just say me, Clare and Raquel felt s-lightly foolish afterwards as we watched him walk off. And then back to the dancing!!! Very Cotton Eye Joe stylee.
Oh it was a beautiful sight. Lots of people gathered around n a dark courtyard, the only light being an extensive mother of a flood light that seem to light up the sky around it, random folky music, random folky dancing… Little children hitting each other with novelty inflatables. *sigh* Can you feel the love?

The effects of the party that previous night were perhaps evident as everyone seemed to be shouting and jumping around so that the floor moved under me but hey. NO HAEMORRHAGESESES! WHEEEEEEE!
Wow this HAS been long blog. No doubt I’v forgotten to mention key highlights of the past three days but do care to remind/humiliate me…

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