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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

And here i sit....

...eating Chocolate spread out of a jar. God i feel so pathetic lol
Nutella is pretty good by itself actually. A bit like the inside of Ferero Rochers. Though chocolate frosting is p-remium. Who says you need a cake to put it on first?!
Oh looky looky Blazin Squad are playing. Actually!! I made Chizzel listen to one track and didnt tell her who it was by and by the end of the D of E we were bringin daaahn the house with our quali'y choons! But now i KNOW the words. Ish..... Okay, all i can do is doo-dah along to it. Oh the hilarity of doo-dababing to Gangsta's Paradise.
"As i walk through the valley of the shadow of death
do daba doo daba doo
do daba do daba doo
Doo daba dooba and dabd doba do
Dooba do doooba do daba dooba daba do " etc
Have spent majority of day moving furniture but luckily enough no crushed fingers and toes like last time... However, Zoe managed to hit her head on a protruding doorknob (no innuendo's please) when she stood up. Severe pain i assure you.
At the moment i am pondering whether to accept mon uncles offer of going to work in his fish n chip shop for a few weeks over summer. On a plus side I'd get about £170 a week. And all the fish n chips i want. (Though Im sure that offer will be rapidly withdrawn after my first day. ) However, its about a million miles away so I would be unavailable for all social interaction for at least a week, which knowing my luck will be at an all time high once i leave. Coincedence im sure.
Mmm Nutella is pretty good. I just randomly bought a jar whilst shopping. Random craving... Wow i wonder what i'll want to eat when im preggers? On second thoughts dont answer that. Im sure the thought of me passing on my genes to the unsuspecting people of future scares the bejeesus out of you. Well, in fifty years, when you hear little kids on the street approving of things with "Deesh!" and cursing by yelling "Ahhh jizzwanks!",  you'll know exactly who's influence that was...


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