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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Encounters of the third kind...

And there i was, sitting on an Amp outside my school gates. Random i know, but now as random as this.
"Excuse me but are you horny?"
Yes you heard. And what made it more random was that it came from the mouths of five Grangers. Of the small young variety. (And I wonder why Shyam calls me a cradle snatcher...) And yes, i was like, excuuse me? And how old are you? Twelve years of age, i was eagerly informed.

SO we spent the next five minutes playing the "guess how old I am, no ME! Guess how old HE is" game. Believe me, i was getting pretty tired of this game so eventually, after dogding the initial question, they figured that i wasnt going to play their little mind game and left me alone. And then about 4 seconds later, Shyam And Spangus, whom i was waiting for, came into view. And then laughed when i told them my story. Plebs.

Anyways, today iwent to see SHrek 2 (£3.50! Its Bargain Tuesday duh) and it was pretty good. Just a quick word for those who havent seen it. STAY until the first credits have rolled because thers a really really really cute bit at the end of the first credits.. Lol mutant babies. However i was halfway out the door with about half the audience (we were wondering why some people remained) so we all got stuck in the doorway... Plebs.

Yeah, its 11 o clock, im bored, im tired. Blah. N'night.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 7/13/2004 09:36:00 pm
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