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Thursday, July 01, 2004

See you at the crossroads.. crossroads.. wait, you'r not Blazin Squad!

The band that turns many of you into bitter angry young people. The song that makes you want to hit things. Break things. Throw things against the wall. Yes, im talking about Blazin Squad and their debut single Crossroads.
Today Zoe was watching KiSS (music channel) and what comes up?
"Mmm, and we pray and we pray and we pray and we pray"
*Zoe sings along*
"Every day every day every day"
*Zoe wonders since when did Blazin squad have three black guys in it?*
"And we pray and we pray and we pray and we pray" (give some credit for the lyrics people :P )
*Zoe (who still hasnt woken up properly) says to herself "new video eh?" and continues singing*

"See you at the crossroads, crossroads, cro .... Wait a minute!"
Who the hell are Bone Thugs N Harmony? And what have they done with Blazin Squad?!
LoL, panic over, I realised it was in fact a dare i say it - COVER version. Ahaha, you know, i never though a Blazin Squad would ever be covered. Wow. Before you know it, you'll see N.E.R.D releasing Flip Reverse.... that was a good song ....

Also, to move on swiftly. The beauteous Chizzel Bizzel has done a piece of artwork depicting the struggle that we face on the D of E. You can see it in The Orange Locker DofE Picture Section

Lol, talking of D of E, Iv just sent Hickson that delightful picture of Martin n Ward
He says "Holy hell, I think Im gonna go drink a pint of bleach"
....Sweet Dreams!

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 7/01/2004 05:16:00 pm
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