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Sunday, August 22, 2004


Hello everyone!
Long time no blog. I guess its because iv been quite busy recently (hence proving that previously, i really had nothing better to do than write in the bloggy doo!)

Well, update, update, update....
Iv been doing two solid weeks of training with Bootses - Seriously, there is nothing more fun than TILL TRAINING! We have new flash flatscreen tills so you jsut press the screen and follow the instructions- its really that easy. And its soo fun when you swipe the card!! lol, however I'v picked up this habit of saying "Bye now!" to everyone i talk to, even when im the one thats buying things!
Was taken to the CCTV room and as luck would have it, as soon as we stepped inside, the guards were like SSSSH! Cos there was a man stealing something!! And then he ran out the store and then 3 guards ran after him and about 10 came back with him. And then we realise we had to get out of the room because it was the holding room (where they interrogate the shoplifters *gets torch and shines it in eyes*) and we all ran out and as he walked in we gave him the look of shaaame! And he cried mwahah! He then got arrested for assault and theft. And all that for a perfume tester....

More exciting ish news.... Went to Bliss roadshow avec ChazBaz, got sooo many freebies!! :D I like freebies. And theres this band called FreeFaller who are actually really good! And quitegoodlooking too! The roadshow was on Friday through saturday and i popped along on friday for 10 mins during my lunch break and walked away with autograpsh, freebies, free t-shirt and make up! Came back the next day with ChazBaz and THEY REMEMEBRD ME!!! Well, okay, two of them referred to me as the Boots girl but hey, THE LEAD VOCALIST REMEMBERED MY NAME! :D *is happy* (it doesnt take much does it lol)
* Edit - THEY SANG TO US!! Lol, the lead guy was up on stage and like blinked at me!! Not like, oooh, he blinked at me, but proper, "hey there" blinking! Me and Chaz were like EEEEE (blame the lights and loud music) And then in the next song he like pulled a face at us and we were like YEAH!. lol*

Hmmm, why do i detect a obsessive phase coming up, not dissimilar to that of Mark Joseph! LOLOL! Well... at least they arent flogging their first single for 99p. Yet. But they rememebered me! Yay!

Must go, we'v won a fishtank on Ebay....

Note to self - learn to spell rememberd/ remembered/remememememberd properly.

Song in my head - Swing, swing - All American Rejects

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