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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Zoe's attempt at a serious blog...

Hello everyone! This is my attempt at writing something which will hopefully make you reflect and think about stuff but if it doesnt then hey, i'll settle for a bit of money (Bank account no. 193474 336483) lol
As many of you know, tomoro is the 26th August - results day. The day on which we will recieve our results.... Hence results day. Yes. (As you can see i am making this up as we go along and have no idea where im going with this. Enjoy.)
Tomoro's proceedings will stand as our achievement of the past two years, and technically, its what we have to show for all of our years in compulsory education. (please bear with me, im havnt quite found my "flow")
I remember my first GCSE exam like it was yesterday,Business Sudies Case Study exam :S. We started exams over 3 months ago and I dont know if its just me, but those 3 months went fast. Scene: We were waiting outside the hall in our alphabetical lines (i was at the end), i looked out onto the netball court and this huuge f-off black crow descended onto the ground turning those of us who had actually seen "The Omen" into quivering wrecks. (Actual Quote: "ITS A SIGN!! WE'R ALL GOING TO FAIL!")
And now we'r one day away from the moment of truth....
I guess, what the real point of this blog is, is to wish you the most good-est, bestest, luckiest luck for tomorrow and wherever tomorrow takes you. You'r all clever beans so I know you'll all do fine. And secondly, Id like to say thank you - I'd like to maintain that it has been, and always will be an honour to know you. And an honour to have you act like you know me especially when im being an embarassment :) Bottom line? You all rule (deesh style) And for those of you whom i wont be seeing in a long while (tahts quite a lot of people - coincedence? lol) - wherever you'r going, whatever you'r doing for the next few years, Im sure you'll succeed and do "real good" You'v all had an effect on my life and whether i enjoy your company or not, it will be different without you (feel special now) and i wish you lots of luck whether it be for you, or for the school that you'r going to! Snaps for you all.
And as for the rest of you fuckers- I'll be seeing you in September :P

That brings us to the end of todays blog so join me in raising a glass to tomorrow, to the future and finally- to us.

(Good or bad, thats a whooole lot of twisted memories my pyschiatrist will be digging out of me in 30 years)

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