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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Drugs are bad mmkay?

I have now got my costume for a medieval themed shin-dig I'm attending next week.
Think one of of Henry VIIIs wives and you got it. Strange … seeing that its meant to be medieval… Its one of those "one size fits all" and the resulting fit is determined by a single rope of cord that you lash around your waistage.
Heeee, and theres a really cool thing to wear on your head!
Anyways, drugs training day thing today.
Was quite good seeing that there were a few schools there – John Colet, Misbourne, Mandeville, Buckingham, AGS and AHS.
Started off with ice breakers – My name is this, I like this, I don’t like this etc

Then I fell asleep during a lecturey thing.
I WAS ALL SPASMOLYSED! (and yes it means what it sounds like - isnt it a GOOD WORD?)
How embarrassed was I??
I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I really didn’t, just I kinda drifted off, and when Dave woke me up, Shyam and Alpha in front had turned around… Jesus I hope I didn’t snore.... Or say something incriminating...
Lol part from that one talk, the rest was cool. We went to Safeways slash Morrisons – and bought bread!!! :D


Then we got let out LATE so me and Alice, who had buses to catch, seriously PEGGED it all the way back to Highbridge - because we were too tired to run up the hill and plus - who wants to ruin their Converse? (well, my fake Converse, hers were real)

And as we ran across the zebra crossing - a car beeped at us in that oh-so-taunting way. And guess who it was? A very smug Gopsill and Goody sitting in a car waving at us.


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