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Sunday, October 10, 2004

And to change the subject completely...

Tomoro i will be taking the first step in a series of stages which will probably last until 2006...
I am getting teeth pulled out. Two in fact. And then two the following week.
Why? you say?
I am in fact getting braces.
Fun fun!

I am freaked out because Iv been told that the needle they use for anaesthetic is a "big ass" one and it "canes like hell"
Thanks for the reassurance guys.
I am freaked out because my dentist person speaks almost the same language as Miss Milzani - incoherent italirisenglish - but no even that - its more of a swedenglish. So this is going to be a blast.
She'll probably ask me if i want an aneasthetic to which i'll profusely shake my head to .... Pray for me. lol

I am freaked out because I'v visions of a big gaping hole in my mouth - Iv spent a good 16 years with these teeth. Iv grown quite attatched to them - literally.

but most importantly i am freaked out because this is the end of life as i know it. This is the end of the life Iv been living for the past few years. Yes, iv heard the horror stories. And i have to say, my life is over!!!!!
Not to mention fizzy drinks as they may "damage the delicate equipment"
Mutter mutter mutter
bye bye decent food.
Hello cut up bits of apple.

Tomoro is the day of pain .... i bet its going to rain.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/10/2004 07:15:00 pm
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