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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Fire Drills

Fire drills.
In all my years at AHS, I’v been to approximately 25 fire drills (and no I don’t count, I just estimated roughly one for each term)
Never before have them been a real drill. And yes, I know there is no such thing as a real drill, because then in fact it wouldn’t be a drill, it would be a …. Reality. But yes.

First of all, in Year 7 you walk out quietly and obediently, perhaps scared because you don’t quite know your way around yet so the fear of getting lost and being burned to a cinder is still in you.
Year 8, you start to whisper and giggle but then the teacher gives you the “Im really scared” look and says that he/she has not been warned of this drill so it must be the real thing. Honest...
Year 9. ABove trick doesn’t really work for you anymore so you just walk out, glad to be able to go and bask in the sun for a bit. The teachers tell you to shush as apparently us talking throws the whoole process off course.
Year 10. The teachers actually know your name by now so we actually are a little bit quieter. This is often the year in which you are the one to accidently set the fire bell off. Not that that’s ever happened to us…… :)
Year 11. Your really glad to be out of the classroom. If you hear the sine rule one more time… Skills of whispering have been perfected so that now you can communicate in mere silence. Oh the joys of evolution.

Year 12.
Well lets see... what happened today?
You slowly walk out of your lesson, though glad to be out of Maths, this drill doesn’t panic you in the slightest. In fact you’r so at ease that you insist on saying “after you? No, after you!” at every door. You get told to move on by the Maths teacher who clearly is not in the mood. (Blah stupid toad woman) By now you’r wearing small pointy heels which sink into the grass of the field leaving a trail of pointy dots leading to your line…… If you can find your line that is...
You then spend a few minutes confused at whether to line up in houses or in tutor groups. Such is the way of year 12.

Then after much whispering and shivering - even though the sun is burning the back of your legs - its still bitterly cold. We get told to shush by Mr Rosen (ha!) Senora Beardmore and all the other "big names" in the school. Oops.
Whisper whisper. Oh really? Apparently this is in actual fact a real fire.
Whisper Whisper. In L2 - with the brand spanking new computers!! LOL at the irony!
Whisper Whisper-
"EXCUSE ME DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM?" The voice of Mr Torpey bellows. The offenders profess that they dont and are in fact, also listening to what Mr Rosen is saying... Honest!
"I for one, would like to know what is happening because even I dont know" says Mr Torpey
"Well, actually," CHizzel pipes up, " Its a fire in ... L..." She trails off.
Mr T's "pyscho eyes" look is enough to chill any brave soul.

But anyway, word gets round that the fire was detected by a year 12 language class. All almost close to death of course. Mr Grimes said this and that. A lot of rumours actually. And all this while we'r meant to be calmly waiting impending doom. Silently.

Hmm, word spreads quickly in the strangest places ....

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/06/2004 01:11:00 pm
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