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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Random Blog .... HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Its Halloween.
All the scary films are on. Someone went to see The Grudge and came out with 90% of their popcorn still there – apparently no time to eat, only time to be scared. Fireworks are going off left right and centre - CALM DOWN- ITS NOT BONFIRE NIGHT JUST YET
The Ring has been screened on TV- as has Dawn of the Dead, Village of the Damned, Jason X and Halloween – the list of films on all the channels I had to avoid goes on….
And where was I?
Sitting with the family in our living room. All 19 of them – and this is half of my mothers side.
And on this Halloween we decided to do something together, so we all sat down (crammed) into the living room and watched the most nail-biting, upsetting film ever. Yes that’s right folks, on All Hallows Eve 2004 – we watched all 81 minutes of -


Seriously! We were all on the edge of our seats- will they make it into the pass to catch up with the humans before the cold comes? And then when they’r all re-united – Kleenex at the ready people!
Sorry, but that’s just such a dude film! But I gotta say, its nothing on Finding Nemo. Okay, maybe just a little bit… Ice Age is the choc chipcookie and Nemo is the custard cream. Is that a good analogy? …. Lol, well I LIKE custard creams anyway!
Only had one visit from ickle trick or treaters this year. And they didn’t even say "TRICK OR TREAT!" – they just stood there. And I was like, yes I know you’r 5 but aren't you going to say anything? Inside my head of course. Well, actually, we wanted to get my Uncle to answer the door so that the kids would run off screaming but instead I went and dipped into my cave of wonders – (the sweet jar, duh what else could it be?) – and dished out my prized rations.
Then one kid drops his sweets on the floor, what a moron! - *rolls eyes* Pre-pubescents- what are we going to do with them? Lol but still, little people can be really cute when theyr dressed up in carrier bags and with flourescent plastic wands. Even if the plastic bag dresses have blue and white stripes not so dissimilar to that of Tescos on them….

*sigh* And i thought i lived in an classy neighbourhood .... lol

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