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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Who are you auditioning for? ...... erm....

Heyloo folks, the beauty that is MSN Messenger is running and IM seeing a lot less swearing and a lot more happiness is general! Thats always a good thing. Right? Yeah! lol Hello.

Before i start on my usual hiker ramble jargon thing... - too late - but yes. Frisky Jims hair! Or distinct lack of "the hair". I have to say, walked into el bus park today and was like *double take*
On a script it would look like this - Zoe takes a double take
Lol a bit of BEB influence there. But yes, Frisky Jim, your new hair has passed the test. Congratulations you'r now a full instated priest. Or something to that effect. Minus some holyness and choir boys or, i could put it, minus some unholyness and choir boys.

ANYWAY! today i had my Grease audition at lunch. I missed my slot on Monday you see - down to the whole extraction of molar process but we dont talk about that anymore- so i went to see Mr Warner Man today just to ask him if i could possibly be squeezed in after they had finished the weds lunch auditions. To which he then replies, oh we may as well put you first then!!
And im like ........ erm... okay... first.. okay... * inside im actually going shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit*

For your extra knowledge i was completely unready. I knew roughly what i was going to sing - but i had yet to decide which part to read and what exactly i was going to say! - you see i thought i would do that whilst waiting for my time slot.....

But no. I was thrown in at the deep end. (looked like I had been too - DID YOU SEE THE RAIN today?)

Anyways, i go in, do my thing, almost start laughing because Sophie and James are in the room as well smiling and grinning at me. But yeah, at least it wasnt too daunting seeing that i knew a few friendly faces in the room. Yay!
*sigh* I just wish i had actually had a chance to at least hum or something (warming up my vocal chords and all that jazz) before doing it lol I literally just took my coat off and began!
Oh well, serves me right, i should have known anything could happen.

And then i went and talked to the rest of the audtioners for the part of "Chorus- Male" who all laughed at me when i told them what happened.
But DBD was there to protect me ...... by joining in the laughter of course. lol



# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/13/2004 08:15:00 pm
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