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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Not So Interesting Quotes

Economics lessons.
The humour of Mr Skinner really does astound me. Or maybe its the unique combination of all the students in my Nomics class mixed with a bit of Monday morning blues for good measure.

Well, to explain the above kefaffle here are some quotes of such lessons:

Mr Skin- "Amy, when you'v quite finished groping at Esthers feet..."

Mr S- "Who has NEVER borrowed money from Mum and Dad then?"
*only Lemm's hand goes up*
"REALLY Emily?! OMG!" exclaim the class
"I just take it" replies Lemm bluntly.

"So basically, you should lie about what you earn?"
"No Amber... thats fraud."

"Why do the North spend more money on cigarettes?"
"Well, isnt the North like really uneducated..."
*Mr Skinners face changes*
"Oh god, Mr Skinner, you'r not from the North are you?"

And not forgetting the large scale conversation on the Gypsies of Aylesbury when the Gypsies had this traditional thing of burning the recently deceased in their caravan - though one slight problem- the body was in the Stoke Mandeville morgue.
However the hospital werent too keen on giving back the body for such purposes. And in retaliation, I quote according to the narration of Amy, "loads of travellers came down from ... like ... the North? and threatened to do in Aylesbury"
Then came the mass discussion about who in the class had done what at that time and Mr Skinner got a bit annoyed as we were in fact meant to be discussing Consumption and factors that effect it. Interesting non?

Anyway turns out that this load of gypsies decided to go home or something. I dont know, the story kinda fizzled out towards the end....
If by "fizzled out" i mean turned to the subject of "Gypsies and why they ruin our lives by stealing from us and our shops" which OF COURSE was "How Gypsies affect the economy" in ... hidden terms... lol

But anyways, he decided to try and move us on
"Okay girls, name some consumption affectors"
"The GREAT Gypsy rebellion" adds Zoe
*Mr SKinner hits his head*

Oh the joys of Economics!

On a completely unrelated note. Quote from a Year 13 - WITH A CAR may i add- who i actually didnt look at as i hid my face and ran off as soon as he said..
"Friday. Assembly. Loved it."

Austin the Dustbin Boy started laughing so i pushed him into the hedge and tried my best to flounce off...... WITHOUT falling over.

Its blatantly because im so cool of course.....

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