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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Political? I dont do political. I do ....

... I dont know what i do? I mean, you cant class MYNSIL as political - i should hope bloody not!! Its not fiction for one, and its most certainly not all fact! Its not entirely comedy, but its not dead serious either.

Currently im writing mon feature article for the School Student newspaper (cos Im a cool kid, as stated in the blog below) and I appear to have writers block. I mean, lookin at what Iv written im just thinking, god Zoe, this stuff looks so political! I look like Ward! (in the literary sense)
I mean, probably one of the most serious things Iv written was the final editorial in the Yearbook last year, but to be honest, that had a quote from a movie and a perfectly cheesy tear-jerker to finish off with. And im sure most of you know how "interesting" my endings to a speech can be lol

Anyways, as i got to choose what i did my feature on, i chose to do it on the opposite of sex - duh. And in accordance with the circumstances - the lack of the opposite of sex. However, i suck and i have no actual quotes written down which i can use as evidence, so Im sending out puppy dog eyes to you all just to leave a little comment in the ShoutyOuties expressing your view on "the relationship between AGS and AHS" - sorry Floyders, not this time.
We're going along the "we dont have enough socialising" line so please leave something that vaguely resembles some form of backing up-age.

Youse all clever beans. Now make!
(please and thank you!)

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