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Saturday, November 13, 2004

*three million years later*

Oops, was meant to write "shortly" as i put it, but i .......... i forgot.
But yeah, house dance results you all know by now - and obviously i dont update on news thats "so lassst week" lol

Ermmmmmm to cut it short they gave me flowers, me n leann were gonna go Noodle-ing with the face paint on- but she bailed i tell you!! And erm..... WE CAME THIRD.
Well technically fourth as they included a second after the joint first, but hey it was only one point behind....

Big thanks go to Beans for the explosive laugh during my "BJD" diary in our assembly. Lol is it me or does that sound like some kind of sexually transmitted disease? And yes girls, the fantabulous skirt was from Tescos.

I did have something of relevance to say today.... but talkin of humiliating encounters has made me forget it. Wait what am i talking about? ISnt everything on this site about humiliating encounters?! lol

Okay then, impromptu type on random stuff.
Christmas things are out! I still dont see it as the christmas season yet, not until the coca cola advert comes out.... that makes me cry.....
Na na na na na, na na na na na, tis the season, its always the real thing....

AND! Milton Keynes is having a traditional ice rink in the centre:mk!!! So yeah we all HAVE to go skating!

RAndom note- Mr Hewitt gave us all sweets and stuff. Just because hes a "whole new man" - e learnt that in his Pilates class. Mr Hewitt in Lycra shor - EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW STOP THERE.
MOVING ON, moving on, move blooody moving on!

Meesus, i cant think of anything now ..... Though i could really go for a Drumstick lolly right this minute.... Or a roast chicken pack of crips. I feel pregnant...... lol you know what i mean!!

Grease cast list out tomoro, iv put my predictionay (prediction with a Spanish accent) on Wards blog.
Anyway must go, irony of ironies, Bridget Jones' Diary is on in ten minutes. Toodles!

PS We have a fridge now :) Bring on the cold meats!

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