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Friday, December 31, 2004

And so we'v reached the end of 2004...

I'll be working tomoro - from 10AM may i add, and will most likely be busy tonight so I thought id take the time out of my revision, no wait "revision" scehdule to write a quick notey note.

Hope you all had a wonderful 2004, whether it sucked or whether it rocked doesnt matter, what matters is learning from your mistakes, seeing how much certain people mean to you and living life to the full. Anf of course not taking things for granted - like bread.

I know you'v all seen the news, the magazines, the websites and i know you'v all heard the preacher telling us to be grateful for what we own so i wont go down that road - if i did, i'd probably reduce you to tears with a moving and highly profound speech that makes you all cry like a baby. Like a baby thats really really really... sad! Yeah.

But despite that, in light of the recent events I really feel like doing a Ryan J and announcing really just how much you all really mean to me. Really. Yes even you :)
But then i thought about it and i realised, i dont need to tell you how i feel. I dont need to write it down on my computer screen so that you can read it. Words seem so insignificant now. Im sitting here by the window - its raining like hell- but everythings okay.
Looking back at the past few months i realise a lot has happened. And not just in our little "friendship group" alone. The whole world around us is constantly moving and ever changing. And now even though the trials and "drama" we faced seem so small and insignificant now, I guess Im now seeing outside of the box.
But what worries me is, why does it take so much to make us all see the light? I mean the amount of people who i'v talked to have said its only recently that theyv fully understood how lucky they are. The question is, why does it take such an extreme measure to show us just how truly small we are in the whole circle of life.

Looking back on 2004 now theres not really much point in wondering how things could have been different. Im not saying to forget completely- definitely not. There are memories of 2004 that we need to hold in our minds. Memories of 2004 that most certainly never can, let alone never will, be forgotten. They say we live, we learn - and its true.
The thing is, its not about dwelling on what we could have done or what we should have done. Instead, now its all about what we can do. One person CAN make a difference and together - just think of what we can achieve.

Iv kind of lost my initial point- i think it was about bread- but now i just want to say, i wish you all, from the bottom of my heart, a truly happy new year.
Its time to step into 2005 with only the most valuable memories of 2004. The ones that you learnt from. The ones that shape you into the person you'r going to become. Because it is only with these priceless memories that we can make the world truly a better place.
The rest is history.

*raises glass*

Much love xXXXx

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 12/31/2004 02:52:00 pm
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