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Monday, December 13, 2004

Fundraising Week 2004

And its here again girls! It all started with todays Old Folks party and luncheon and heres the social line up for this week.
Tuesday- Top of the Pops
Wednesday- Teacher Kareoke
Thursday- Miss AHS
Friday- Christmas panto

May i just add, not to be biased or anything but Miss AHS this year is going to rock. So bad. So hard. God this sounds like something out of a dodgy movie.
But yeah, the reason why its going to be so good you wonder? Wel i'll tell you, its because we have a kick as script packed full of the cackytacky goodness that makes fundraising week what it is.
Cheese lovers beware - you will love this.
Plus i get to wear a pweddy dress so EVERYONES happy! Yay! *does happy badger dance*

Just a quick note for you all to note down in your diaries.
I dont see you noting down.
NOTE DOWN i say!!

Also may i add that tomoro is the rehearsal for the "GCSE Certificate Evening" Yeah, my bet is that its Year 9 evening all over again. STOWE REUNION!!! YAY! But anyways, its in the morning so we must all be in school promptly so we can be told which hand to shake with and which hand to receive with.
(here come the dodgy movie lines again!)

Im going to shut up now.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 12/13/2004 10:05:00 pm
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