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Friday, December 24, 2004

It's that mirthy time of the year again...

Christmas eve.
Its slightly disheartening to think that on Christmas Eve, instead of going out with friends and getting supremely festive, im making merry within the confines of my house. Whoopdeedoo.

However, not to name and shame but so are twelve other people on my MSN list. So neh to all you people laughing and a big word up to losers like me and Greenie and Machet and Hicks and so forth! (we rule big ass meteor style)

Anyways, today is the day. THe day before christmas. Normally in the past - okay last year only- i would stay up til 1 minute past midnight just to post a huge blog saying MERRY XMAS in several different languages (the joy of freetranslation.com) HOWEVER this year is the year i became a working girl hence i am actually too knackered to stay up. (Or, maybe im just getting a life? Oooooh!) But yeah, iv spent the majority of today dressed up as a fairy and prancing about in Boots waving at little children and wishing everyone a "merry christmas"
Oh tis the season all right. All the kids are hyped up - running about knocking over boxes and stuff.

lol nah its cool they are mostly cute - except I made a baby cry by waving at it today. The mother said not to be offended as "it happens a lot" - though i wasnt sure what she was implying..

Shrek was on earlier - thats such a great film - what the hell am i doing? I was meant to write a Christmas blog for you all to see and read and marvel at - maybe shed a tear at - if you'r that drunk *cough Stophig cough* - but yeah iv done a Zoe and avoided the subject like a real man! :D

The primary point (alliteration) of my blog was to wish you all a very merry Christmas - and yes ALL of you - no matter how gay Im calling you at the moment - even you pooey people deserve a break once a year :) Anyways, many thanks for all the cards, presents, underwear - you know who you are and have the best christmas with lots of fun and presents and happiness and MIRTH!
I love you all. And no matter how drunk i sound, i assure you, i am on the level. Well, on the normal level for me that is.

I shall not speak again until maybe ... tomoro .. okay probably not, 26th you say? 26th it is then! Lol if i havent passed out with the sheer hyperness - you all know how i get - seriously one day all the fun and MIRTH is just going to take its toll on my heart. My poor poor mirthy heart. *correction Mirthful perhaps?

Anyway (for the millionth time)
HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS! - More festive blogs for the new year coming shortly.

Now go I to wrap presents. And mirthful ones at that!
(seriously, theres an Eeyore doll which flaps its ears and sings in an oh so mirthful way.)

:D And dont forget- TURKEYS ARE THE ANTICHRIST - eat your turkey with might, with momemtum and most importantly with joy, happiness and a dash of christmas spirit.

Much Love.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 12/24/2004 08:13:00 pm
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