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Friday, December 17, 2004

Manky weather, pretty dress, all because of MISS AHS...

Hehe thought id do a bit of rhyme today...
But yeah, first of, Miss AHS which FINALLY got underway after thursdays chaos. Seriously, one fuse blows and the whole floor gets knocked out. Sixthform common room was plunged into darkness - so the vending machines werent working. Gay.

ANyway, like i said, we got it going and it was GREAT!
Big shout out to the people who supported it and the team leaders of course lol
And an extra big shoutout to the people at the beginning- especially Hoskins lol you alll know what i mean, but to quote Hoskins
Looool! Completely forgot what i had to say and was like so..... I'll just say something here..... but yes, blessums to you all - hope you got the sweets i lobbed at you. (me and my MAN throw)

And yes, its amazing to see how many people will scream for two measly sweets lol (sorry ChizBiz and ChazBaz, i didnt see you)

Anyways the winner was this really sweet year 7 from STOWE (wooo) and it ruled muchly.

Couldnt be arsed to take off pretty dress for the rest of the day (because to be honest, its really a two man job - oh dear, that sounds wrong, just forget i said it!)
But yeah, for VARIOUS reasons, the pretty dress stayed on. But woe is me, woe is me...
Now, SOME of you may have seen the rain pelting on your windows from the safety of your cars, homes, buses - THOSE THAT WERE ON TIME OF COURSE.

Unfortunately, today happened to be the day where my bus was late. Quite late.
And then the sky changed, everything went dark and it started to rain. And rain. And rain.
TO quote Elsh "Its well rainy!!"
And then the wind picked up and it was FREEEZING
Now, for those of you out in that weather, think of how cold you were.
And then think of me, in a measly two layers - one of which was just flimsy chiffon- and think how FROZEN i was!

But yeah it was like a scene out of "The Day AFter Tomorrow" - for those of you who'v seen it. ANd even though it was quite scary - me and elsh both admitted it was pretty exciting lol
Yes i know, i need to get out more.

Oooh speaking of getting out - yesterday was the Boots Crew Work Party. Shout out to all youse lot. It was so good! LOL stepped into Hogshead and this guy comes up to Rachel saying "we were discussing how long your legs are." and she was like "erm.. Iv got ... heels?.."
And there was me laughin with Soph and Soph whilst trying not to freeze from the cold winds blowing around me -- See i recognise a pattern with me and "freezignuss" - I NEED TO START WEARING MORE CLOTHES lol

Didnt get home till half twelve and then it was up again at six thirty for a day of school!!! Wooo....
Have yet to deliver all my crimbo cards - for those of you who'v got theirs, hope you like! Or something..... Just dont send them back to me all cut up into pieces...

:D Its christmas soooon!
PLus reminder for 12L hunnys - the party - if you dont know whether you'r sweet, savoury or drinks yet - talk to me!
Yassm, thats it for today.

PS Grease is finally on the way! Yay!

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 12/17/2004 10:12:00 pm
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