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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Proper and naked? ... Proper naked!

Started writing article an hour or so ago.
Have finally finished.
You all (y'all) have saved my skin by posing as my general public (though i know you'r all far from ordinary. You rules greatly. AND thankies for the comments - jsut because iv finished the article, doesnt mean the issue is closed. So no trying to end things "once and for all" because .... thats never happened before. We've never come to an agreement. We are freaks that need to argue with eachother to survive. Yes.
(lets go join a circus!!!)

Anyway, nothing really much to say today - except im getting ill. Gayarse.

Also an interesting quote in English today. Milzani - neednt say anymore lol
Situation- Silly little characters in silly litle shakespeare play have finally realised that one of the characters is ... silly - something that the audience have known all along (dramatic irony and all that jazz)
The question:
"What would the audience say now that he's found out the truth?"
"Erm.... you're right!?"
"No, anyone else?"
"Hes behind you!" .... hehee

And then there was Raquel who had to find an oxymoron so lol, she picks out the first thing she can see
"Erm.. proper nakedness - thats proper and ....... naked?"

I look at Katus exchange glances.
"Proper nakedness ehhh"

And thats our English lesson for you.
Next time - More Economics and "they have what we economists call animal spirits" .... "like Brother Bear?" .... "Whats that?" ...... "Ahh Mr Skinner, you have much to learn!"

Til then! :D

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 12/01/2004 08:57:00 pm
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