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Thursday, December 09, 2004

What?! I cant eat bread?!

Who's gonna preach to you about "why we take bread for granted" now huh?!

Pleh, i quote directly from the "information sheet" my dentist gave me

Polo mints - gay
Sticky Sweets - gay
Chewing Gum - extra gay
Bubble Gum - double bubble gay
Chocolate bars with toffee - Meeeeh i love Toffee Crisps
Chocolate with nuts inside - No more "Meester with zees Ferrero Rocher you are reeeally spoiling us!" *cries*
Boiled sweets - Gaaay
Nuts - LOL hush
Crusty bread - The biggest hard hitter of them all. What will i eat now for lunch!? What am i going to poke people with now?! Meh, i should have said "Check out my rod/baton/ etc" as many times as i could when i had the chance...

The dentist said "Oooh, it looks like you have DIAMONDS in your mouth"

But hes a freak.

And if thats not stoopwid enough - im getting bottoms as well!
Not like im doing anything for it, but its the whole principle behind it!

ON a random note - the maths lecture at the OU in Milton Keynes the other day was ..... boring to be honest. There was a row of "Maths Geeks" behind us who put their hands up to almost every single question that the man asked such as - who knows what *insert elgnthy maths sounding word here* is? etc etc
People fell asleep, people drew doodles, people started singing in their head.
Okay people was me and I was bored.
Sorry, but im sure theres gotta b more interesting things in the world than "SOLVING DOTTY PROBLEMS"
Six pounds not so well spent lol
However, we got free refreshments (tea and mince pies and biscuits)
I even managed to slip a mince pie into my lunchbox for later...... Sly.

Plus extra random - i fell over AGAIN the other day. Was coming out of T-O talking to people animatedly (we'd just applied for UCAS cards) - heel gets caught in trousers, Zoe keels over - big *gdmmfph* is heard as Zoe crashes into the door before getting up quickly like nothing ever happened.
Shame the whole class noticed...

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 12/09/2004 08:32:00 pm
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