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Friday, January 07, 2005

And im like proper bo innit?

Okay, im not a regular viewer or devotee of Big Brother. My view is that half the people on there just want to get famous quick and belive that stripping off and degrading themselves in front of the nation is the way to go.
Suuure, well it worked for Tom, Nick, Harry and whoever else was in the past 4 or was it 5 series?

Anyways before i turn this into a big slanging match against reality TV, i must make a point - that usually has to happen next.

Now thats perhaps a different kettle of fish.
Usually i watch the first episode of BB to see just how many more headcases Channel Four have managed to pluck off the streets of Britain. But then series 67 comes and yeah, whatever interest was there before, kinda goes.

However, the day after the celeb BB participants enter the house, Zoe is delightfully informed by about 7 million people , also known as eight, that she SHOULD in fact watch Big Brother tonight. Reason? Ha, i will "see"

So there i go, tune into Celeb BB (9.30, after the Simpsons-which was a GREAT episode btw) and yeah, first of all enters the man from the horse racing with the glasses, wearing what appears to be a dead racoon on his head. Nothing special. Except he had a habit for announcing everything to himself. "OOOH I CANT GET THROUGH THIS DOOR!" etc etc
Germaine Greer - who incidentally i thought was a footballer, (dont ask, its a LONG story involving an awkard end to our discussion as who to invite to our Citizenship conference - GO CITIZENSHIP lololol)

ANYWAY Germaine Greer - yeah, i thought that would definately make things interesting - did you know Ms Alinek was a pupil of hers? Yeah. Exactly!
NExt females - Caprice, Lisa Ianson something or other, then

Jeremy Edwards IS the man. (well actually, technically im the man, Stoph's the wo-man, Charlot is the son, Moz is the right hand man, Machet is the mistress god i really should stop talking now)
But yes. Come on. He is, as John the racing man says, "the totty"
And i thought that was my big surprise perhaps - even though i didnt really understand but hey!

Bez, some random dude from something called Happy Mondays or something like that - no idea who he is - at first i thought he was quite young. He's got this way of incessantly talking on and on - its a gift only SOME of us have :)
He is 40 - doesnt look it i think, but yeah OLDER VERSION OF MINER MATT!
Back me up here people lol

ANyways just when you thought you seen the most "interesting" of the bunch, the door opens again and in walks..

Kenzie from BLAZIN' SQUAD

And then it dawns on me - my big surprise - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Lol quote one of the others along the lines of "Oh, i think he's in a boyband..."
And it was his BIRTHDAY! At 19year old he stands to be the youngest contestant.
Okay, hes not my favourite member of the Squad - but still how can you dislike someone which such big ears? He can be my jar baby!
And no, thats nothing remotely sexual though it DOES sound kind of kinky.

But yeah, thanks to all the informants - look at what i would be missing!! lololol Its just so classic. Someone from Blazin Squad on CBB? - Its just proof theyr gonna split up. I dont know whether to be upset or in denial?
As for getting evicted. I dont know as everyone is so dynamic. John the racing man pees me off, though it'd be good to keep him cos he causes so much trouble.
Caprice and Bridget Nielsen - they are interesting to watch, as is Bez as they all talk about ANYTHING. Germaine Greer i think has yet to entertain but she's definately got potential written on her. Jeremy Edwards - no comment needed. Kenzie - JUST BECAUSE! Because I'll probably stop watching lol
The Lisa woman is nice, but if i had to evict one, itd probably be her. Even though she'll probably survive this one.

Anyways thats the round up on CBB - other TV interests recently..


# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 1/07/2005 11:30:00 pm
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