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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Gigs, jigs and SENS getting too bigs for their boots (and white ankle socks)

Havent blogged in a bit - possibly due to the fact that I was "resting" for EIGHTEEN hours yesterday.
Reason being? Turns out Iv done the clever bean trick of falling ILL. What? I hear you say. Zoe? Ill? NEVER! That girls got a stomach of iron (not to mention an iron hard left hook!!)
But yes. Its true. God I was burning up like NOBODYS business!! Temperature of over 102 not to mention sore throat, headache, dizziness, no balance - even more than usual lol
God it was, as described, like a universal STD attack - minus the discharging and the warts and the impotency.... So basically NOT! lol
You know me, i cant sit still for 8 seconds let along 18hours so sometime during that period, I went out to feed the rabbit - ended up out there for a while cos it was nice and cool, only to be escorted back into the house by a disgruntled father. Quote "Get back in the house you fool!"
It was a while before we realised we'd left the rabbit out in the garden...

But ANYWAY moving ON from ... the usual crap that I spout. Topic number one on the agenda
Went to the Capdown giggydoodah at The Pitz supported by Six.Point.Five , some band called buzz something and some RnB jungle DJ's.
Six.Point.Five were amazing - as usual - its like the third time iv seen them and not only are they talented - they'r, quote me, "wellllllllll fit"
Personally I think Im in love with the tenor sax player but hey. lol And as the lead singer made his way out, me and Alpha followed him "accidentally" bumping into him amidst squeals of "I touched him!!!" Quote again, "It was like let me press myself against you!" He escaped into the men's room where unfortunately we could not go. Alas we lacked a penis. Unless.... *strokes chin and hatches crafty plan involving terrified members of the bloke folk population and specialist helper monkeys...*
ANYWAY - caught a free promo CD - plus got given a free promo CD by the pretty promo lady - did I mention they were FREE? (Ha, that just got you all wanting to go now didnt it?)

Buzz band werent so good. The DJ afterwards was IMMENSE. Everyone was just raving away. (and you all KNOW what Im like when I hear a decent drum beat lol) and yeah it was really good :) FOr further reference, it was "DJ Mike Davis from RADIO ONE and guest Drum n Bass/ Jungle DJs"
*thumbs up*
During that time we had of course moved in for the kill.
The prey? Four McFly resembling 17year olds - though apparently they looked 25.
But yeah, of course thats not interesting at all. Just involved Stride being a HUSSY by "absent-mindedly" nibbling on the end of a glow stick. Lol I call her the temptress - she gives the EYES - be careful it may be YOU next :)

However, the story was retold to entertain and regale many of you the following week - and following this many happy jigs were performed - though one of them was actually a unique funk fusion of "Zoe's Victory Dance" and "Zoe's Hungry Dance" lol how the hell do i come up with these things?

Anyways! Moving onto more pressing matters (though talking of pressing matters my mind goes to other things) but yes. There is an AGENDA there for a REASON!

Or to all you sane people -
SENS : The collective noun for the masses belonging in the Year
Seven, Eight and Nine category.

They are getting waaay too big for their little cotton britches these days. Okay, normally I am not an oppressor of free speech, however there are certain circumstances that really just make you want to grab the shotgun off the wall and wield it. WIELD IT I SAY!
I have duly been informed that "Stowe sucks", "House Music is for losers" and "Its beneath me"
So now Im pretty much a loser that sucks - and then something involving small people above me - which I really dont want to even TRY and phrase correctly.
My, arent they INSIGHTFUL these days?
And growing up a lot faster too!

However when I was a SENS probably the worst insult I carried was "I know you are, but what am I?" Or so id like to think at least. I really doubt I was a foul mouthed shortarse with a tent skirt and white ankle socks.
Okay rephrase - I really doubt I was a foul mouthed ..arse.
God I havent said the above insult in so long. I may just use it tomoro for kicks.
You have been warned.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 1/12/2005 09:24:00 pm
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