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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Here we go again...

Five days into the brand new year, we go back to it all.
School starts tomoro. Wow i hear the joyous glee from here. Joyous glee everyone!!

But yeah, my Christmas and New Year were interesting definately. Christmas - best present?

Heeeeee its all shiny and new and full of pictures. Of pigs and stuff.

New Years was also rather interesting lol
Its my dad birthday every 31st so literally every NYE has been "FAMILY PARTY TIME!"
(cue joyous glee)
Anyways every year there is always something EXTRA to add to the atmostphere. Last year we got a new TV, the year before we had flashing disco-esque lights and the year before that we had Kareo-we dont talk of that any more....

Anyway the step further this year was - FIREWORKS!! - yes i know what you'r thinking, drunken people - related to Zoe, with matches and things that explode and make loud sounds? Not a good thing perhaps?

Well.. it started off really well! After the drama of trying to get the goddam things to light ie the fuse suddenly started smoking and it was like RUN RUN RUN AWAY FROM THE LIGHT! the first set went BANG in the air and was all pretty and sparkly.
And then the second set was pretty good. Lots of bright colours. However they seemed to be getting lower.
By the fourth set bits of firework fall out were falling onto us. In our hair, on our feet, it was like the apocalypse had come. Cue the shouting of "GET INTO THE HOUSE KIDS! ITS NOT SAFE!!! RUN RUN!"

Why do half my family events involve the phrase "RUN! RUN AWAY! Its not safe!" in them?
*shakes head*

Anyway i gotta go and pack for tomoro. Books need be found, lunch needs to be made (and not pre-eaten) , and report must be signed!! REPORT MUST BE SIGNED!! Crap.
Here i go!


# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 1/04/2005 08:36:00 pm
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