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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tsunami Charity Gig and "Best in the Desert Racing Association"...

First and foremost a big THANK YOU to everyone that supported this fundraiser. (and some more eeeee-ing) The bands were absolutely amazing, and everything was just SO MUCH FUN!

Okay, yes i got hit on the head with a microphone, hit in the mouth (i failed to remember i had the equivalent of metal knives STUCK TO MY TEETH) and then almost trampled - but hey!
Im sure the swelling will ebb. EBB i say!
The night was greatly enjoyed by many - maybe next time I'll actually manage reach an agreement with the law sooner hence will be able to do more than one song lol - but all in all, a very enjoyable evening. I enjoyed it much. *strokes chin* One might say it was enjo- okay i'll stop now.
For further reference.
Mirnos webby can be found here, here and here
As for Elyssium - well someone told me to look for the old Back In The Day website - but all i got was "Best In The Desert Racing Association" which I'm not even SURE i want to go into.......
Elyssium details will follow con-se-quent-ly :)
(Con-se-quent edit. Elyssium's webby is www.elyssium.tk . Thanks go to Bebs/Bollie for working that out for me lol)

Got out of Aylesbury Grammar around half eleven. Got home at about twenty past midnight. Made myself some food (as in microwave stuff) and almost fell asleep at the table after being awake since 6 o'clock in the morning may i remind you.
And of course, sods law i had work in the morning. But you know me, always there for the people that need me. I mean, who else is going to serve those leechy old man without shouting EWWW YOU MANKY OLD WALNUT! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT?

Hmmm theres a bag of walnuts in the kitchen. Hehe they are funny old things really..

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 1/22/2005 09:20:00 pm
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