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Monday, January 31, 2005


Okay, now that Iv caught your attention with a nice shiny orange monster of a title, id just like to announce that InDelirium now have a WEBSITE! OoOooh ahhhh!
My point precisely.

Anyway yes its only a bloggydoo for now but it can be visited at

Thanks again to everyone that came to support the charity gig on the 21st. Final count we managed to raise OVER £1,100 pounds in one night.
Special thanks in particular go to GreenBean and crew and Bebs and crew. Elyssium, Mirno too of course, but like they'r reading THIS right now? lol dear God i hope not, i may just claim my undying love for whoah, there i go again.

Ahem. Moving on!
Some of you may of heard about the poor girl that got hit by a car a while back. Shes okay, but it just makes me think - with all these people that now stand outside the gates everyday - surely its not going to be too long before one of them gets hit?
Of course no one has the sense to stand in the bus park where chances of getting hit by a bus are significantly lower :P
Actually, i lie, theres some groups of year 8's that stand by Bay A - perhaps the future generation?
But yes, my point being that perhaps we lack sufficient places to, as we put it "meet and greet" - though as the parentals put it, "waste our lives away".
Of course im not suggesting that the school bulldoze a large part of our school field to form a large square or plaza - perhaps with a nice fountain? .... Or am i?

Must go. Comms coursework awaits me. Whoopdeedoo.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 1/31/2005 08:31:00 pm
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