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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

All kinds of interesting stories.. Haiiiil.

Oh dear oh dear, i think giong on that long break has broken my bloggin habit.....

Anyways, the Grease MC London Trip on sat was GREAT. I was sitting in the second row crying at Kevin Spacey's (K-PAX!) "crazy man named Ben" - and i felt cultured. Y'know, sitting there enjoying high-quality drama - AND GETTING IT! Lol, Josh (the one thats Kenickie) was sitting there leaning closer and closer to the stage as it went on - we were all just like ... WOW.
The seats at the Old Vic are .... old? Because they keep creaking with the smallest of movements. So when the actors would stop for a .... dramatic pause (see what i did there? eh? eh?), everyone would try not to move - dont move, dont breathe unless EEEEERK - too late.
The play was called National Anthems - we took great delight in finding out who our chairs were dedicated to. I was Elaine Paige lol, Stridey was "Anthony and Jennifer Hopkins". Chris Webby was Ewan Macgregor. I think Josephine was some foreign man....

Went to Mr Warner's "recommended Italian Restaurant" - turned out to be Pizza Express.
It actually rocked. They got me a b*day cake. It was great. Picked up the "meringue" next to it, only to find that it was in fact not meringue, but a very sly and DECEIVING chunk of ice cream. Wahey.

Acting workshop before was great - Goodie and James - perfect couple I'm sure. And i quote "are you sure you'r NOT gay?" lol haiiil.

Just want to quickly say, cheers and MUCH LOVE to all those that spreaded the love on Sat. (Spreaded.. Spraded.. Spreadededed... Meh) Muchos compleanos for all. Not that that's actually Spanish or anything.

Ermm.... but yes, more Grease related stories lol
In my free, i thought id be sly and go to the Grammar to try on my costume - instead of diong it at lunch when the chances of some stupid SEN to try and open the door on you are CONSIDERABLY less.
Anyways, Jenstottle picked out this big blue puffy dress - which i wear in the Prom scene- and i tried it on. Was walking to the nearest toilet to check out my reflection thinking "Oh how nice the Grammar is when its quiet" when SODS LAW..
The bell rings. The doors fly open. Groups of boys flood the corridor.

I am in a blue monster of a dress.

I ran.

Lol, i thought i hadnt been seen as I made it back to my "Dressing room" (the cupboard between the lecture theatre doors) and was out in my normal attire A-S-A-P.
And later that day, at lunch - just when i think I really was the master in disguise, managing NOT to get spotted. Ha..
DBD, oh what a funny guy he is, breaks my little bubble and goes "Actually Zoe, you were seen. Some guy comes up to me and asked me if a rehearsal was on. I said why? And he said - and i quote- "Because some weird girl just ran past in this weird dress."



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