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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

**THE PLACE TO BE - otherwise I hope you contract a common cold!***

Lol, InDelirium are performing Friday May 6th at The MultiCultural Centre in Aylesbury, alongside AGS bands - HERE BE DRAGONS and SIGNIFY

Tickets are a fiver (standard - and a BARGAIN compared to say, i dunno, a Greenday gig. Only a 1/6 of the price!! WOW )
ID EP's will be on sale. (Buy them please)
And yes i know that looks like ID, EP's - but unfortunately we don't supply ID to just anyone... (speak to me later ;) ) We are so gonna over run this place with AGS and AHSers lol

But yes. Buy tickets from ANY band member - ME preferably (because i want to WIN the ticket selling race - but dont tell the others its a race. They dont know yet. hahha!)

Erm... Times are 8pm onwards I think. Will clarify later.
It will be AWESOME
I will wear minimal clothing
The rest of InDelirium will be naked.


lol yes... Any questions, just ask. Can't promise I'll know the answer but I promise I will give the most convincing "Hmm, I'm thinking" face you will ever see.

Much love to you all
And cheers to everyone whos commented on the EP so far. We need as much constructive crit as we can get in order to make it the best it can be for May 6th.
And no, Zoe is a ugly get who can't sing won't help us. But, it may do wonders for her ego (Gosh guys, a few more comments like that and i wont be able to get through the door!! :O )

FINALLY a big EEEEE to everyone that knows about the EEEsome news. And a big "I HATE YOU, YOU ARE ALL GAYTARDS" to everyone else that knows about the EEEsome news. (So far that's most of the guys apart from the Canadian :D )

Conclusion - MAY 6th - BE THERE or just buy a ticket n EP from me SOON otherwise I, Queen Chav, will hunt you dahhhn. Innit.

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