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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

And this girls, is a picture of genital warts

No dear readers, not another English Lesson with Ms Milzani.....

Omfg - just come out of one of the most interesting assemblies we've had this term.

A lady came to give us information -complete with pictures and diagrams- on the mystical world of Sexually Transmitted Infections

It all started with a normal routine. The traditional, I'm here to tell you about this - and the general eye rolling of the sixth form population. Though, amusinglyenough,she started with.
"Okay, lets face it - we can't live without sex. I know I can't."
*cue the exchanging of looks*

Major on the ick-factor (i sound like "Miss Teen America" ho :S lol)

Actually, random interruption. How is it that, LAST WEEK she kept saying "Im sure a lot of you are sexually active, have boyfriends etc etc" - which tbh made the rest of us feel like this:
o_0 (ie very very sad and spinstery like)

And THIS WEEK, she just showed us, literally, the negative sides to being in this category- which made those who applied to this (as I do now :D) feel like this:
o_0 (ie we are never going to go near boys again)

Sods. Law.

ANYWAY! Some interesting points in the assembly.

As the assembly starts, Zoe is making her way through a box of mini muffins.

The topic quickly moves onto Thrush (as you do)
"The risk of thrush can be increased if you have a bad diet. Especially if you eat a lot of sugar."
Zoe puts the muffin down.

"This picture is that of a pubic lice- though, don't panic girls, its blown up of course."
"It'd be hard NOT to notice something that size hanging about in your knickers"

And no, for your FYI (and yes I kno that makes no sense)

  1. You can not catch pubic lice whilst travelling on the bus, girls.
  2. You can not catch pubic lice by rubbing against each other with your clothes on.
  3. You can have them removed by having your "regions" painted with some sort of purple paint. (after which she went on to give an anecdote which we SO did not need to hear)

Genital warts - complete with pictures. Close up. Zoe puts the muffin down.

*tilts head* "Erm...which way are we looking at it?"

"Dunno, but i think i can see the bum crack."

LOLOL Pleasant.

Then came the pictures of MALE specimens. At which point I was nibbling delicately on a carrot. Which, yes, i put down.

Just goes to show -nothing like a bit of Sex Ed. to ruin the appetite.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 5/10/2005 10:01:00 am
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