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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bebo.. Ringo... I think I've just found the name of my future children....

Okay, i know the idea of me reproducing is enough to send you into spastic fits but I was simply being .... I dont even know. Anyway heres the part where i move on to the topic of my blog. Lets walk.

First of all it was Bebo. 16 rejections later, I think my views on signing your damn books is clear.
And now, here comes RINGO. Bebo with a vengeance. In fact, if i didnt know any better, I'd think theses were names of some kind of horror film.

Well frankly. I REFUSE.
Reject reject reject.
And why? I hear you ask. (go on, say it, you know you want to)

Why Zoe, oh great god of the

Well to be honest, I don't really mind if you don't know my address off the top of your head. I don't really mind if you don't even know my birthday. Having some computer to remind you really kind of renders the whole idea of remembering such details pointless.
(Wow i think i managed a DOUBLE contradiction this time.)

Okay in the past I did do a few Birthday Alarms - Note if you see "It is "Zoe Your God"s birthday today" you know who it is now lol

Anyway my point being, I'm not going to fill out all this extra mumbo jumbo
(I sound like im a old man born in 1919 - actually no, because I'd be dead. Actually, no I'd be 86. What the hell am i talking about??!)

ANYWAY not going to fill them out because then the people that REALLY care and DO remember my birthday and addresss and phone number anyway would show.
And it would also show who's a stalker and who's not.
But still!

Also, because i can't be bothered to reply to them all but the above excuse seems ... nicer or whatever

But yes. First of all the internet remembers our birthdays and addresses and next - THE WORLD.

(Again that makes absolutely no sense - but hey, im in a DRAMATIC mood tonight)

Okay, semi-rant over.
Random note- My SN was "Do Not Disturb - Blogging"


(Okay stupid question i know - its rhetorical - PLEASE no one reply to this with some sarcastic response *cough SPANGUS*.)

Hicks goes " must.....ignore.....instructions........must.....disturb"

Phil Cow goes "I always thought you were already very disturbed"


Maybe i should just put the opposite in my SN directions from now on...

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