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Monday, May 02, 2005

Beware, the phantom of the operaaaah!

...The riff that everyone remembers - (neyow nyow nyow nyow nyow nyow! Dah-nah!)

Clearly you all know what I'm talking about.


El padres are watching Phantom Of The Opera and I'm trying to write a sodding essay on how Shakespeare represented serious and comic functions in Much Ado About bloody Nothing.

ANyway! *smiles sweetly*
Random thing that happened, was looking up lyrics for Gay Bar the other day (dont ask) and i couldnt find it.
10 minutes later and i realised that there was a reason why "We're sorry but "Gay Barn" could not be found in our records" .... lol imagine that as a song. Want to take you to the Gay Barn, Gay Barn, Gay Barn....
*hits head*

InDelirium had a practice today - for like the first time since January
*hits head again*
Whoever said you can't do anything in 4 hours is clearly wrong. You can do plenty!!!

We just chose to do nothing.

But it was nice - we were all round Alphas house just sitting in the sun - i was drinking my Lemonade-Martini-Beer-God knows what concuction and everyone was just - happy! (uh oh, here comes the grinny face!!)
Okay okay Spangus and Spalfa were making out in the corner - but me, Shyam and Frazer managed to sort the rest of our set out for Friday :P

The weather has been a gay again - it started raining earlier actually when i got home. And now its sunny again. (I quote from ages before - something tells me this Spring is going to be fucked up)

Also the first batch of INDELIRIUM BADGES has been made. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
We are doing special offers and you will want to bring £2 along...

Ermm nothing else to write today - except everyone is uber bored and feeling really lethargic. I hate Mondays. lol ACTUALLY

TAlking of Bank Holidays

I remember we were sorting out our maths lessons and our teacher is like, and you come in on the 14th..
ANd i was like - it says in my planner thats a bank holiday!
And she's like, no school is definately on.
And I was like - thats so unfair
And she was like - its not a bank holiday is it?
And im like - IT IS! IT SAYS! LOOK!

*hits head for the millionth time today*

PS all those involved in Papercut- we'd like to have a quick rendezvous tomoro break to update... (N15 will do? My form just don't know it yet lol)

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 5/02/2005 04:55:00 pm
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