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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Just a quick note

Why is that the people who deserve to win, never do?
Why is that the people worked the hardest to get where they are now, are never rewarded for their efforts?

As Bewitched would say -" C'est la vie"
*cue Irish dancing*

Anyways - I would go on about the match - except evidently that would be going against the grain, and surprising people that I'm not actually all about red shoes and Cheerios.

But yes - I've vented enough - apologies to Hicks and Spangs for listening to my philosophy

Time to talk about happy things


Okay, i know its probably enough to turn you all into quivering wrecks, rocking in the corner singing "This old Man" but yes!
Folks, that time of year is back again. And this time from the delightful UKRAINE - A boy on my bus comes from there but he's a bit of a weirdo so i guess taht's not really related. I could tell you a wonderful story about how tying him to the bars makes him a tad too "excited" but this is a PG rated site.
Plus, i'd rather keep my lunch where it belongs.

ANwyays, turned on the TV after my "intense Maths revision" and the two songs i just happened to see involved a new Eurovision formula.
"Good looking male + several scantily clad female dancers = This years style of Eurovision cheese"

Meh, it beats two years back with
"Three pretty girl band members + one that looks like a man"
Oh Macedonia *shakes head*
(Former Yugoslav Republic of) to be precise.

Lol, my mum was like wow get you.
But really, i just remembered it from last year.
You see, the reporters from each country want to spend as much time on the TV as possible so OF COURSE say every little detail.
"Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia .... 3 points .... (Macédoine, Ex-République Yougoslave de... trois points..)"

LOL come on, don't tell me you've never impersonated the funny French voice that comes after?
No? No one?

Oh well...

*runs away*

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