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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Update ahoy!

I interrupt a blog update with recent news just in.

The Concrete Cows have been vandalised.

I shall now pause gracefully while you all clamber back onto your chairs and compose yourselves.

For like the fifth time (in my memory), the MK landmarks have been completely "revamped". Previous attempts have resulted in missing legs, graffiti, green paint and even the kidnapping of one of the bovine beauties.

Oh dear oh dear. I know its probably like so-what? to half of you.
Okay, most of you.
Actually, in fact some of you are probably like- there are concrete cows in Milton Keynes? Wtf?

But yes, for those of you who have been Chez Moi, I would have most likely taken you there to gawp and marvel.
And then play the "lets freak out the motorists" game. MEMORIES.
Anyway the fact that they are literally down the road from me seems to have formed some bond between us so I am actually quite ... i dont even know. *sigh* Maybe its the heat getting to my head but i feel in a sombre mood right now.

I think its *pause for effect*... an udder disgrace
(As is my razor sharp wit these days lol *hits head*)


I'd also like to inform you that all members of the visiting family have FINALLY gone! Yes, last time i updated, we were about to be bothered, i mean, honoured with their presence, by 4 sets of A's+U's who had decided to visit us from the four corners of England.
(And by four corners I mean, 1 from the city, 1 from the country, 1 from the seaside and 1 from Wales)

Anyways, this was like ... Sunday morning.
We went out - shopping of course- I BOUGHT NEW SHOES! THEY ARE SO LUSH! THEY ARE BROWN WEDGES WITH BALLERINA RIBBONS! - but, enough of that for now.
No doubt, the lucky people amongst you will get a personal account and full stitch-by-seam description of your own :)

Erm, then they gambled for most of the evening before we all went out again. Lol, this isnt the first or second time I've blogged about "The Family", you guys know what theyre like. BUT! And with a big BUT this time (lol big butt lol)
They're learning!
For those that don't recall, last time I woke up early in the morning only to find several members of the family slumped across an assortment of makeshift beds. IE being the kitchen table, the rug etc etc
However this time - they figured out the reclining action and actually used the sofas!! Not bad not bad at all.
I dont know, i can just relate this to something like monkeys using sticks as primitiev tools.
Its a big step for me lol

Anyways, half of them left later that day (once they were ok'd to drive lol) but several remained. I managed to fend them off by putting on "Bride and Prejudice" to which many of them got up and joined in the action. *hits head*
I,of course, had no time for that as exams were coming soon and I would be revising in my room. Of course.

(Like none of you have ever done that lol)

So yeah the "lunchtime" visit turned into a two night affair but now..... now the house is still. And its nice :)
Though I did find a random socks in the sofa this afternoon and while I was feeding the rabbit, I found a pair of cufflinks in the garden.
Yeah. Exactly. Even I'm like wtf?

God I really really really hope I'm not going to be like that when I'm older.

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