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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Someone STOLE my hand!!!

Cue awful quips such as "Is that my hand under your ass?" and "Dude, slap him with your huge big hand!"
...More on that later.. *shifty look*

Jimmy were AMAZING

Hard-Fi were .... alright


lol okay, enough of the A-word. There will be more info on that actual gig in the review i write - which i shall do. Soon. One day. Maybe...

Heh, i looked so cool scribbling mini-notes. But yeah, scrap ideas of writing stuff whilst in the front crowd!! Me and DP are the TBS veterans, surviving where others passed out. (Ryan Jay and Johnstone - two down...)

Lol, when emerging at the end of the TBS set, me and Deeps were so disorientated we went up the wrong hill!!

It was like this
*walking around and weaving through people*
"Ermm.. Deeps where are our people?"
"I dont know, can you see them?"
"No... do you think they left?"
"Are we even in the right place?"
*sees Shyams bright red T-shirt on the other side*
"Arr fuck it, we're on the wrong bloody bank!"

And then we managed to work our way to everyone else before collapsing in a heap and complaining of being "brokened" lol

Well, like i said, more news of the actual gig itself coming later, but I just want to take this time to be D+M for a little bit.
I have to say, just sitting on the concrete slope that was central to the whole venue, I was just sitting with a few people (Bean, Johnstone, Haz) The sun was just starting to set and Jimmy was playing "Get It Faster"


Dont you just love it when everyone sings together? Its just ..... really nice!
Wow im so eloquent today.
But yes, i guess what I'm trying to say is. I love you all....

Lol, but speaking of drunk!
Apparently I fell asleep on Cass on the way home!
Not only that, but apparently I'm a mean drunk - "touch the wire, no honestly just touch it, I SAID touch the damn wire!" (dont ask)

Doesnt even make sense as I really hadn't drunk much. At all. But yes, apparently I was jsut speaking nonsense. And speaking like this "well it was like, like, like great and even though, though, though I lost my erm erm erm hand thing" etc

Anyway! All in all i managed to waste all my hard earned money on ice creams and food. And dont get me started on the toilets. THe phrase "full to the brim" has never meant so much.

What a nice way to end this blog! :D

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/19/2005 09:45:00 pm
well i liked the fireworks!
your hand…

decision paper 1 - Question two - "Do this maze"


A-Level mathematics my phallus
No one mention the hand to her. She was almost crying about it.

And I have to say TBS were actually prety crap. Hard-Fi were a lot better. And I did tell you lot they were a good band, but you all decided they were rubbish without even hearing them first.
Angus lies.
In all fairness, I only left cause James was going to faint. When Cute without the 'E' came on I was all up for staying and watching. But then he looked as if he was gonna die.

And that's the third time I've seen Taking Back Sunday. So I guess I'm the TBS veteran here…

Oh, and thanks for buying me that Fab. It was fabulous. thumbs to the upness
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