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Friday, July 22, 2005

*Grease IS the word*

Yes folks, its finally over.
18months (apparently) since the first idea spawned in Mr Warners strange warped mind and after 7 months of hard work, we're finally done. Done. Finit. Finito. Niente. Nein. Guten tag.


First of all, a big CONGRATULATIONSto everyone invovled and a MAHOOSIVE thank you to all those that came to see it. We all hope you enjoyed it.
Enough playing with font size now.

Secondly - GOODIE GOT HIS WILLY OUT ONSTAGE! *ahem* Now that I've got your attention (and no I wasn't actually kidding there lol), I applaud the cast for their quick thinking. Warner's improv ideas really did help huh?

Lol other not so similar "highlights" included

*edit* How could I forget! Lol - we went out for a quick Maccy D's run between the two shows on Weds. Zoe gets caramel stuck in her hair. From a McFlurry. *sigh* Only me, only me....

Anyway, pics are being put up on The Orange Locker as I speak. Ask me for the site or something. Again with the explanation, I put them up in a MYNSIL member-only site so that they won't be perved on by all Old Man Druckers out there or even stumbled on by all your Troy Donahues. But yes, the tasters are up at the moment, the rest are to follow.

BUt yes it was a blast, and I think we've all made some new friendy wendys from it. (THough some have made BETTER friendy wendys if you - hate to use my townie voice but- if you get what I is saying aiii?) Of course, we've also made a few enemy.... wenemies... Okay, no, that doesnt really work. But yes, to settle the score, Mark the props person and Mike the Mic man are up here.
And of course, how could we forget Toby, the annoying little shit (tm).

Year 7's who want to get laid early. Gotta love em.... I think?

After-show party last night. Let's just say that SOME of us got a bit merry. Big hats off to Dom (voice of god) and Josh (the man) for arriving with beer and PIZZA. And yes there is picture evidence of Josh (the man), Scanlers and I doing the robot. I, robot.. Ha... Sorry. There is also a picture of Manda with her head at Phil Cow's crotch but yes, ANYWAY.

Yesterday we went to go see Madagascar which is pretty funny. Actually, it had us in hysterics fro the beginning. But... then again, we may have just been giggling at anything. Quote "HA HA HA HA THE ZEBRA IS TALKING!" , "OH MY GOD THERE'S A LEMUR! HA HA I just LOVE LEMURS!" and things like that. But GO SEE IT! If not for the film itself, go for the whole talking-animals concept (it IS Disney after all)
PS talking of films I want to go see CHarlie and The CHocolate Factory when it comes out. Mr Depp looks amazing. If by amazing I also mean a strange, freaky, white man, then yes, but AMAZING none the less.

To wrap things up (mmm Chicken Caesar wraps!), I'd like to end with a nice happy la la message for you, from me.


Yep, that was it.
Feel happy now.
Let me know what you're all doing this summer mmmkay?
I'm going to Hungary.

No really, I am.
Lol, if anyone makes any witty remarks on the irony here, I'll shoot you.

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