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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Its here! Finally! It's arrived!

Praise the lord and through those palm leaves on the ground as a new blog cometh forth!
It's been a while since I last did the business and I have got SO much to just randomly blab about.

Where to start?
Well, as always chronological order seems to be the best way to go.

First off was the wonderful Togfest from yeeeears ago, which was GREAT. Because *tries to control breathing rate* ME AND SPALFA (SPALFA AND I) MET SIX.POINT.FIVE!

(Cue squeals and young boy of about 12 shouting "Look out its the flying bimbos!") - True story.

I see those looks of confusion on your face. I understand them. Thats right! How can two girls, dressed in oversized Togfest T-shirts with lime green (i kid you not) bags of programmes slung across their backs, be anything remotely bimbo-ish? Oh thats right it must be the Pamela Anderson cleavage.

SO! Anyways, to be honest, and luckily for you and your sanity, the feeling of "EEEE" has long passed so UNFORTUNATELY there will be no in depth description of exactly how we ended up handcuffing them before locking them in a cow shed. (may not actually have happened)
HOWEVER I'm sure once Spalfa gets here she maaay choose to release little pieces of information for those jealous types amongst you. Which I am sure there are many.
Hey! Dont you "Six Point who?" me! lol

Topic number 2 on the agenda.....
...Grease rehearsals - Mr Warner is like a non stop bundle of entertainment! Seriously, you have NO idea what he's going to do next. At a recent rehearsal he'd asked us to come into the hall silently, but of course, we all know getting 150+people into once room without making a noise is like asking someone to be absolutely still whilst they have a watermelon fired into their ass. From a cannon. A watermelon with spikes... *plots*

MOVING ON! Warner was like hummm at first and then suddenley, without warning he went from talking calmly to shouting "YOU HAVE BETRAAAYED MY TRUST!" at us all.
Honestly I didnt know whether to laugh or to cry. Damn ex-actors.

Talking of Grease- I hope everyone is coming!! There are still a few tickets left but they're mainly restricted view. But to be honest, those are fine unless you'r sitting behind someone with a head the size of a watermelon. With spikes..... *plots*

I'm sure you'll all smile with mirth as Leila, Stride and I come on wearing our dresses. They'r named "Pea-Green Vision", "Pink Marshmallow" and "Blue Monster" respectively, you hazard a guess at what they look like.
And yes, you've all heard of what happened when i first met Blue Monster.... lol

Finally to round this blog off, I'm going to finish off with some quotes of the week. Yes I know this is relatively short for one who hasnt blogged in a while, but the family are around (again) and they're gonna start wielding things if they don't get to gamble soon. On the plus side, all this escapement into the study has actually made me finish my 9pages of 4-week Comms coursework in the space of ... one day. Hum. And who says I'm a not a good role model?! ... lol

*Skinner walks into busy classroom while Zoe is taking a picture to surprise Charlotte (who went to Live8 the lucky moo) Long story*
"So if anyone does see Katie can they tell her to - Zoe... are you taking pictures of yourself?"
"Dont JUDGE me Mr Skinner."

*Cadwallader walks into same classroom just as Machet is finishing her sentence*
"-a big gay CUNT!"

*Harriet raises her hand*
Hewitt: Yes ... SYNTAX woman?
Harriet: ... Err..*struggles to remember what she was going to say* I was... erm..
Hewitt: *continues* You could wear a cape with a big S on it. Ho ho ho
*cue discussion of the reference to Superman* - I'm going to fail English.

Skinner: What is the biggest area of government national expenditure? A B or C?
Emma: Erm.. B) the NHS?
Skinner: Nope, Zoe you try. You should know this as you will have been listening in the whole of last terms Economics lessons.
Zoe: *thinking damn, I put B...* Erm.. A) Education?
Skinner: Okay, maybe you didnt.. It's C)

I have to say Mr Skinner, I'm flattered by your vote of confidence in me!

Anyways that about it for this week, I gotta go as my family are trying to start a barbeque which will inevitably turn into some sort of forest fire if I don't intervene. D+M blog next!

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