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Sunday, July 17, 2005

"We, Brazil, declare war on Botswana..."

A good idea but unfortunately its not allowed.
Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to everyone that came to our Breaking Down Barriers Citizenship Conference Day. The whole day wasn't half bad at all and I hope you all learnt something from it.

Highlights for me included:

  • Being told that Brazil was in fact, a third world country
  • Ward being reminded that he was actually, not such a big member
  • The free lunch in which me and Billiam surrounded ourselves with the platters of food. Quote "Oh Zoe, I should have known that you would be sitting here"

Also, the Question Time was really good and - WE IS ON TV! lolol there's a lovely shot of Lizamin, Henna, Machet, Moz and Dan Richardson as well as Natalie, Hoskins, Cass, Gail and me! Bill gets a nice clip of him talking as does James, the King of blag, saying something about how we, the young people, truly ARE the future.
Gotta love it.
Anyways, all this has made me think. I realised that in the way that only a select few people were representing the countries, I can't even begin to imagine how a few people can represent a country in the real UN. I mean, with our model UN there was SO MUCH CORRUPTION!

I mean we had countries getting people to sign something on the pretence that if they didnt, they'd be the only one not to and everyone would destroy them. Ahem. Peer pressure anyone? We had countries deciding to sell their women off in exchange for economic security in the form of LOTS OF MONEY PLEASE. Oh wait. That was Brazil. We had countries telling the press (both Keynan and US) lots of controversial stories for them to broadcast. Oh wait, that was Brazil too.

MY POINT IS! If a model UN can easily demonstrate how much of a shambles/conspiracy everything is, how an earth does the ACTUAL UN successfully/fairly work?

Well, all i can say is, I guess they won't have countries writing propositions to each other titled "To Sweden, with love Brazil xXx" PS I like your shoes.

At least I hope so.

On another note - have finished my first reading of the new Harry Potter book. No worries, I won't release any spoilers but I have to say, its not as good as the others. Well actually, I dont know. Its different to say the least. A lot darker. Personally, I didnt feel satisfied after reading it as I felt it seemed kind of unfinished. Yes, i know its part of a series but all the other books, whilst indicating there was another in the series to come, all managed to somehow "wrap up" within themselves.

Meh, all i say is i was shocked. SPOILER ALERT do not highlight this if you do not want to see references to what happens < why would you kill him?! He can't die!! Personally, I thought the book "skipped" through things too quickly. Suddenly Harry's in love with Ginny - what? where? And where did Cho Chang suddenly disappear to? Bill and Fleur married so soon? Harry's unconcious and suddenly Gryffindor win the cup? Its all a big RUSH! Too much focus on the whole Voldemort/prophecy thing - which even though is interesting and well planned - I'm actually starting to tire slightly of. Finally finally finally - we want more SEAMUS! >

Okay, rant over.

Finally - just another bit of propganda sent from Camp Zoe to pressure you all into coming to another dealy I've been involved in. (sorry guys, first its the gig, the newspaper, then the conference, now this - its the yearbook next lol)

GREASE THE MUSICAL hits the Civic centre next Tuesday and Wednesday. Hope everyone has bought a ticket - there are a few restricted view seats available from Mr Warner - ask Cast +Crew or something. Please do come and watch as we've been working on it for AGES and you get to see us all in funny costumes.

And of course you can view our wide wide range of acting, singing AND dancing talent. Hum.

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