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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Here come the horsemen...

That's right kids, hear those seven horsemen coming from the distance.... (lol we've discussed the number of horsemen before, lets leave it at seven)

The day hath arrived where terror will be unleashed onto the roads and the world that is the Milton Keynes grid system shall be thrown into CHAOS...

You guessed it.

Lol, my first driving lesson is this friday morning. It's going to be sweeeeet.
And then I'm going to work less than an hour afterwards so if you come into Boots, I will no doubt be saying:
"Because YOU'VE spent OVER fiiiiive pounds - you get this FREE voucher for £5 off SKINCARE for absoluuuuuutely free!"
O_0 (Happy pyschotic face)

Either that or:

"Because you've spent - OH WHAT DOES IT MATTER?! I'm dooomed! I'm going to have to become a permanent CYCLIST!"
O_0 (Sad, doomed face)

Of course there's nothing wrong with cyclists. Mr Skinner is a cyclist and he... oh god.. I can see myself in twenty years. I'm going to have to cycle to wherever I'll be working.. wearing a helmet... (and a suit of course! I don't know what I'm going to be doing, but it'll be a job with a suit)... All the kids will call me "Crazy Cycling Lady" or even just "Look! There's that sad cycling woman who wears a suit!"
I may even join a cyclists club... We'll compare the size of our helmets...

Wait a minute. What am i talking about? I can't cycle!
Lol jk - but I havent ridden a bike anywhere in years! When I was young, I used to cycle to the local shop to buy/eat sweets. But then it went out of business.
And now - well let's just say its been a while.

Anywas, its weird being surrounded by so many people who have ALREADY PASSED. (well done, not bitter/ jealous/ bitterly jealous at all... God, i bet you've all used the line" Ohh, i remember MY first driving lesson"....

Time for the Werthers Originals folks

PS Have fun at Reading.

PPS - Possibility of having a party NEXT WEDNESDAY . Marsworth - you know where its at lol. And yes, of course its going to be fancy dress!!
More on that next time.


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