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Sunday, September 04, 2005

And we're BACK!

Summers out for the season and what do you know - we're back to school.

Like Birchy says, I feel ambidextrous. Part of me feels happy we're going back. It'll be good to see friends (again, again), check out how many frees we have (I wonder if i will have anymore special Tuesdays?) and basically just see the new year 7's settling into their new habitat.

But then there's the sad part. The part that really does not want to have to get up at half six in the morning in order to catch the bus at twenty past 7. Most of you are still asleep at 7:20 AM!

I can almost predict it. I'm gonna walk onto the bus with The Canadian. Jameses, Elsha et al will already be on the bus, most likely asleep. Ooh, diverting for one minute - HOW SQUASHED IS MY BUSS PASS PICTURE?! My face is so wide, i look like I'v been hit in the face with a frying pan and rolled out! Mmm.. frying pan.

But yes, like i stated before, the first day is the second best, after the last. I mean, its just the feel of starting routine again. And saying hello to Autumn and more importantly - CHRISTMAS.
Lol jk, but I wonder if we will have snow actually at Christmas this year?

Again, i am going off topic.

Has anyone else noticed the number of new OXFORD MATHS SETS at the start of term? In my entire life i have owned four. All of which i lost. And never really used either. Hum...
I love new stationary. The writer in me is dying to say new stationary is almost like a pair of new shoes, just waiting to be walked in and worn out.

But I wont.

Instead I shall leave you now - as I must sort out my stuff. Last minute tut tut.



PS- English Lit/Lang-ers - Has anyone ACTUALLY done the holiday assignment and read Surfacing yet? I thought I was going to drop it, still not sure, so haven't.
Thats my excuse for now at least.
Oh, and the same for Comms and 1984.

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