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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Amarillo... THIS WAY!

Oh dear god.
SO many highlights lololol.
Ie. Running off with the microphone not remembering it was attached to the wall on the other side....
And the jacket. Oh the jacket!

2 rehearsals.
2nd PLACE! Ehhhh!

More to come later.

I have tomorrows print deadline to meet..

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 12/14/2005 09:05:00 pm
you. mic. wire. FUNNY!
I especially liked Rosie's cameo at the beginning haha
Absolutely loved it :D
Teacher Karaoke was also amazing!

Emma Al xxxx
We rocked the stage on wednesday girlies! everyone had better be at miss ahs tomorrow to see us making fools of ourselves yet AGAIN as the filler!!! lol the shame...
PS Zoe you changed your blue writing at the side! i noticed :)
Mwahaha I'm looking forward to Miss AHS.
Aww this time last year I was in it, Van Morrisson :D

Emma, I love how you and the others basically rehearsed your act in Teacher Karaoke when they played the song hahaha. And there's nothing shameful about being the filler...N*Sync were good in TOTP, and they were supposedly 'filler'. They obviously save the best acts for then... ;)

Emma Al xxxx
oi tell us all bout capdown then cos im hearin things bout u and a buff ting ;)
Naaaah mate. Hahah jsut got back from "pubbing it up" in Wendover.

Oh my oh my i going to regret this int he morning. Surprised my fingesr are still with me!
Haha Zwong...your Christmas present (A.K.A The Gen Studs song) is almost complete...

Here's a taster:
'AS used to be a doss...now it is really not.'

You'll love it. Haha the verses are kind of The Early November (if you've heard them?) whilst the chorus is cheesy...bit Dashboard Confessional. Hahaha GSC reigns supreme.

Emma Al xxxx
LOL! Gotta love it / you
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