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Friday, December 23, 2005

Have yourself a merry little Christmas....

Man i love holidays, I got up like an hour ago...

Anyways, I hope you all received your cards (aka handmade pieces of my heart)
I’ve actually got a few that I didn’t get round to filling out because you’re all away on SKI TRIPS damn you.

But yes, I suppose, it’s a headstart on next year?
Cheers to everyone on my “factory line” – I wouldn’t have been able to make and distribute all those cards this year without your help. Apologies to those who received the Alpha batch
(ie Happy Jesus’ Birthday, Mutant Tree, Happy Joy Joy etc)

Making the most of this speech-like moment, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your lovely cards and presents. Favourites being the umbrella, The Shoes of Salvation (blog to come on that one day), the chocolate/s as well as the journal and the uber mini skirt lol
....Seriously, you’re all starting to know me TOO well. I fear I’m becoming predictable…

Can you believe it’s Christmas already? I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems I’m only just starting to get into the mood. IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!
All we need now is Armageddon on TV to compelte it. Actually, I think the Christmas Eve movie is Bridget Jones – which, alongside Love Actually is another Christmas great.

Twas a good end to the year- Fundraising Week was pretty immense, if you’re ever in need of a laugh I’m sure you know EXACTLY what to think of lol. Also special mention for my lovelies for their stellar performance in the House Captains Panto. “We’re LOST! *shocked face*”

The last day was sent off with a bang. Group of us went to Machet’s for a night of “pubbing it up” in Wendover. I shouldn’t go into details for fear of horrible, horrible repercussions but I’m sure you’ll get the gist of it when I tell you I’m waiting for photos of five of us posing on the zebra crossing -Abbey Road stylee. At about 11PM. And as for the cars waiting in line.... no guesses as to what those drivers thought. LOL. "Zoe, if this is you slightly drunk, god save us the day we see you totalled"

Haha, also I hope you all managed to visit the Zoe Angel in N15. Basically, members of 13L were very very very bored in a free period and decided to draw around me in paper (as you do), cut it out, and stick it to the wall – all in the name of festive decorations of course. Not just because we wanted to deface the school walls with a giant Zoe. Lol I’m sure most of you will have seen the pictures – including the “making of..” mini pics lol. But yeah, it has my streaks (in white – though, admittedly, my hair has gone compleeetely ginger – much to the delight of some)

Unfortunately, the very next day – my head fell off. Oh, the trauma.

I’ve been reading the MYNSIL archives – it’s weird to think that this is my third Christmas on the blog. 2003, I posted on Christmas morning. 2004, I posted on Christmas Eve, and 2005? Well I’m posting on the 23rd… Oooh again, this is the part where I include my realisation that as each year goes by, I’m getting more and more of a life – no really, look at the previous years, and you’ll see what I mean!

Anyway – I doubt I’ll be posting before Crimbo now (so I say), so I suppose Happy Birthdays and Christmasses all around – I hope you all, have a truly wonderful Christmas. It’s been another good year with you guys and I do believe I love you all. Whether you love me is another question but we’ll save that for the new year. Surprisingly, it’s getting harder to say what I’d like for Christmas. Hmm. Maybe I’m realising that Christmas is not actually all about the presents?

Mmm turkey(*mutters* ANTICHRIST!)

After working Christmas Eve – (dressed up a an Angel and scaring the children again no less), I’m spending Christmas with The Family again – it’ll be interesting as this year we’ve moved the Christmas feast back up north where the mainstay of The family is.
I sense a repeat of Chinese gambling games with lots of champagne, truffles and champagne truffles this year.

Fortunately for me, due to the move, I won’t be stumbling across various family members asleep in random places this year as this venue has no available garden.

Have a good one boys and girls and I’ll get back to you soon.

Much love


# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 12/23/2005 02:12:00 pm
merry christmas evryone! i kno exactly what u mean i cant think of nething that I want this year either!!! Wana go back to the days of my childhood with 'i want this and this and this'
Merry Christmas Zwong.

I blogged for the first time in ages, you must read!

I know what you and the above mean about presents...this year my list was basically CDs and DVDs.

EmmaAl xxxx
Christmas went well quick this year I hope you liked your present! xxxx Nat
hmph i got a 'devil angel' thing on my christmas card... lol wots that all about?
i always thort u made ur cards urself, but ur just a fraud arent u!!! u get other people to make them for u!!
love u
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