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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Things I have found hilarious this week..

Self explanatory title.

Hold onto your hats! Here we go:

1. General Studies and National Beezy Day.
We are in General studies. All 5 of us.
We are given sheets on "Designer Babies" - the course is based around ethics a lot. This is why we take it, we can never fail!!
Anyway, we're reading this sheet about how babies are horribly mistreated through the process of this and that - Nat has left by now (we are now a 4)

I'm reading and then... I start laughing.
Not a rare occurence in GS i promise you. Mrs STott is very used to it.
But then - I show Emma Al, Kezier and Sarah Mac why I'm laughing.
The person that wrote the article is a "BEEZY MARSH"

I'm sorry if any of you possess this unfortunate name but WTF kinda name is BEEZY?! Is that male or female?! IS IT SHORT FOR SOMETHING?!
Beeztifer... Beezel... Beezus - believe me, we spent a while going through them all, as well as the different spellings of Beazy, Beasie, Beezee and B-Z ....

Thank god this is only one lesson a week.
Mrs Stott is going to carefully check all the names before she mass produces stuff again...

2. Mr Skinner and use of foul ghetto language

Oppportunity cost - our topic for the day. Mr S had just written it several times on the board and, in a clever attempt to prevent ineffiecient words, he had replaced many of them with "O.C"...
So there he is, reading out the board "And so girls, the O.C for -"
And almost in perfect timing, we start singing the oh-so familiar - "We've been on the run, driving in the sun, looking out for #1... CALIFORNIIAAAA"

Mr Skinner is bemused/shocked/slightly scared.
"The O.C theme song" We explain.

Mr Skinner is bemused/shocked/slightly scared.
"Dont you know what the O.C is?!?! OMG!"
"I do!... I'm where it's AT!" he replies. Very unconvincingly.

Then a cunning plan came into my mind....

"Well, actually, it's a very rude swear word. Which you've jsut written all over the board"
Mr S : "I haven't written anything"

"... I don't specialise in ghetto language anyway."

3. Fair Trade Quiz. Creating the TIEBREAKER.

Hahha my tiebreaker will BLATANTLY win me that FairTrade quiz.
The task?
"Name an inventive and original way of convinving you and/or others to "make FairTrade your habit""

My Answer?

"I shall invent an original machine which will punish me in ways INDESCRIBABLE everytime i forget to buy Fairtrade. I shall call it.. *pause*.. "The Punisher". It will be available nationwide and in 6 different languages.
I will then use the profit to make the world.. a better place. THE END"

Yes. Too many gingerbread men that day...


4. Random Gingerbread Men related incidents

Today I was in Tesco's with Moz. As usual we headed to the Bakery. Nearing the Bakery we parted to make way for a large crowd of God's Year12 Emo children. I spotted a new arrival by the G-B men. CHOCOLATE BUNNY COOKIES!
I turned.

She wasn't there.


I just tried to avoid the stares that the crowd were now giving me. What WILL I do now? FLEE ZOE FLEE!

It turns out that we had miscalculated the number of Scene kids about and Moz had been stopped half way and had to turn back...

And then, when walking back one day from Tescos with my bag of goodies... we had just got to the Grammar School entrance when *crash*

Who'd have thought such a flimsy cheaply made plastic bag would rip let alone break?! Not me, thats for sure!

And out tumbled the Gingerbread Men, their little faces screaming in terror at the thought of never being eaten. "Not the gumdrop buttons!" haha

I turned.
This big gang of Year 12's were in the close vicinity and approaching fast! Food... or FLEE?

Luckily I didn't have to decide as the nearest year12 - I shall call him The Gingerbread Lifeguard - picked up the box and handed it to me.

A true gentleman.

Then I fled.

5. Any Other Business
To be discussed at a later date..

Til then

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 3/16/2006 09:48:00 pm
Hahaha oh my.


Aww, Mr.S makes me chuckle...
wait til you hear about what happened in economics today then!
har gingerbread lifeguard! xox lou
I feel like having Gingerbread men right now... maybe i'll make them.

Any idea of what I'll need? (Apart from "ginger" thank you ¬_¬)

Lol yeah, my improvisation never went down too well in Food Tech either..
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