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Sunday, May 14, 2006

* *Read this if you want to LIVE!* *

A notice for all those who, like me, use the Sixth Form kitchen and it's contents ie the broken mugs and plates

Riiight - my sources tell me that some spacko Year Twelve (who shall go by no name except JH) - has been using the Anti-bac surface cleaner to clean plates and cups and the like.

Therefore - as with the general rule of life- WASH YOUR EQUIPMENT BEFORE YOU USE IT.

Obviously - we have a FEW days left. It'd be bitter irony if we fell ill running the last straight of this relay of life...
When confronted with the utter stupidity of her actions, she replied:
"It's fine, it's anti-bacterial!"


(And yes, i am getting a teeeeny weeeeny bit of smug satisfaction considering my relationship to her)


This week is YEARBOOK SIGNING week.
Just to point out - the last blank pages have been PURPOSEFULLY left for signage - quote

"OHHH - that'd be an efficient use of the space now wouldn't it?"

So yes. Come sign mine in the next four days!!

ALSO - plans for this Thurs are underway - we went and bought like one of EVERYTHING from the Birthdays range.

Banners have been made - the LTP is progressing.


And receipts etc need to be received ASAP please!


# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 5/14/2006 10:44:00 pm
whats LTP? and whos JH? have to know so we can go mock her. twat. anyway! end of school plans!!! eeeeeeeee!!!
it took me while to figure out letter to parents but am racking my brains as to who JH is....
Jeebus -38 of you have seen this yet there are 2 comments.


How can i progress to the next blog (of high importance) without self-validating comments?!

A year twelve girl not knowing how to do simple washing up? What kind of sick joke is this? How will she ever find herself a husband and bring meaning to her life?
I found out who it was lol what an idiot!
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