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Monday, June 19, 2006

Anti-Revision and Mocking of Will

Okay, Anti Revision method number god knows what.

Sunday. In a desperate bid to avoid Comms revision I endangered my life.


I cleared out a wasps nest.


You may think - what? What is she DOING? REVISE GIRL REVISE!

But instead - i went and helped my Dad clear out not one, not two but THREE wasps nests.

And i didn't get stung!!

But my Dad did.

It wasn't a Happy Fathers Day for him.

I'm sure you can imagine me running about. Possibly squealing. With a BADMINTON racket...

Okay - so add that to re-heeling shoes, making smoothies, cooking full breakfasts, MAKING A DRESS out of a skirt - which i'm well proud of - pimping my myspace profile, writing blogs, getting new sheet music, daytime TV...


Anti-Revision is great..

Anyway, short blog today - i'll leave you with something i thought was funny.

Subject: Cass is stupid.

Cass: And then im off to crete with helen :)
Zoe: Ahhahaha
Zoe: I thought you said
Zoe: i'm off to CREATE with Helen
Zoe: i was like ergh
Zoe: dirt
Cass: im goign off on my own
Cass: out the country
Cass: eeep
Zoe: its' not even like France or Spain
Zoe: those are close
Zoe: and you kiiinda know the language
Zoe: or guess it
Zoe: GREEK is different lol
Cass: pssh
Cass: i will be like
Cass: i know Michael Michael
Cass: and they will nod and give me respect
Cass: :)


Zoe: Michael Michael is from Cyprus you nob lol
Cass: Meh, tomato tomato


# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/19/2006 10:27:00 pm
Poor wasps. Now you've made them homeless. How do you think they feel?

That good enoug?
lol oh dear. Not even a pretty face... hehe jokes becs x
totally agree, no jokes. ooooooo
you missed out the bit where i said:

"Zoe: I thought you said 'create' !!lol!!
"Will: that goes without saying really"

willy xx
In that case you should use more protection. I suggest taking the bag off your head. She'll run for miles.

No babies for Will.

Ha. I'm funny.
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