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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Yes, I've gone mental, the exams have BROKEN me.

I'm just not going to talk about Economics except, it was fun getting to tear across the perforated lines (yes, our paper is so big that they perforate the lines so you can tear it up into "manageable sizes")

I got to pretend to be an economist. But i sucked.

Moving on, leaving the Economics Posse and joining the GENERAL STUDIES CREW.

I did my only revision in the gap between the exams. My favourite type. Last minute.com!

But yes, our General Studies was HARD but surprisingly we all came out with smiles on our faces. There was only like 6 of us and they put us in the HARDING HALL. It was actually so quiet lolol

Oh - and thumping your chest DOES echo
Me: "*thump*"
Emma: "*thump thump*"
SarahMac: "*thump thump thump*"

haha the invigilators loved us... :/

Now, for those of you readers who REMEMBER the BEEZY incident - as a Crew, we decided to fit the word "Beezy" and related spellings into our exams as much as possible.

So we had
Arguing from authority is aserting the statement of someone of knowledge
Ie. Beezy said this, so it must be true because Beezy is the Chief of Police and BEezy would never lie.

And, in a sentence just randomly - the cause for this Beezy horrendous decision was...

Snaps to EmmAl who managed to slip in something like: "It was not beezy beazee beesie hard to imagine that.."

The examiners must think we suffer from Tourettes or something...

Oh, and at the beginning of the exam, Sarah Mac didn't know whether we were allowed to start or not, so TURNED AROUND IN HER SEAT to face me. I nodded - BREAKING EXAM CONDITIONS OMFG!!!111!!!!!!!!

And as ever, i answered the question with my GCSE Music knowledge of the development of the blues. Which is nothing. Here's a hint as to how it went.

Dom says:
wrote loads about space ships in my essay
Dom says:
i made up loads of facts
Zoe says:
I wrote about slavery
Zoe says:
i also made up lots of facts
Dom says:
Zoe says:
apparently, according to me
Zoe says:
the slaves invented the xylophone
Well, i found some connection between them and a xylophone and my pen COULDN'T HELP talking more!

Oh, and i decided to cause some disturbance in the middle of our second one. I decided that my table was ACTUALLY wonky so i raised my hand.

And waited.

And waited.

So i decided to wave it around. AND AROUND!
The old lady comes over
And i carried on waving it (kinda bored, y'know what it does to you?!)
She probably thought i was retarded.

I asked for a wedge.
"A whaaat?" she replied in a really loud WHISPER
"You want paper love?"
"Please can i have a WEDGE. A WEDGGGE" (still WHISPERing)

I then had a really idiotic idea to try and make the shape of it with my hands.

But then realised, it's REALLY HARD to make a wedge shape with your fingers..

She brought me a wedge. I carried on.
Everything was ok.

We have also decided that General Studies requires you to pretend to be a chav who has never seen the ballet and thinks art is for pansies. They hit you with questions like "Should ART be funded? How would YOU choose art for YOUR museum?"

Today we had "Why do more men live with their parents than women?"
I had an urge to write "BECAUSE THEY CAN'T WASH THEIR SOCKS"

But i need those marks. I will die if i fail General Studies.

So i left it to the last dying minutes before forcing myself to scribble something about women having to leave home to start families... in the house of their husband...staying at their home... cleaning... conforming... *dies*

I bet it's something really obvious like... i dunno.
Roll on Wednesday - it's TWO ESSAYS on two subjects that we choose. Who's up for slipping "Mrs Stott's son's a bad boy" into it?

I will if you do lol

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/14/2006 09:31:00 pm
Zoe says:
apparently, according to me
Zoe says:
the slaves invented the xylophone

Haha I love GenStuds exams too <3
Easy on the beasies...we need to save some BEEZY for the next EZ exam.
haha can you imagine marking general studies? Having to go and look up every random claim. Will they bother to check who invented the xylophone? Methinks nay.

I crashed and burned in critical thinking. Serves me right really lol.

I didn't kno when to start either! i was trying to look at the girl next to me but she was looking at me for the same reason so it was all a bit pointless. Maybe I can blame my failure on thse two lost minutes.... becs x
omd, i actually had a fit of giggles over the wedge incident. am going to think ofthat tomorrow in my geog exam and burst out laughing. great!
thanks for much amusement dad
love the son xx
Another funny GSCC moment I forgot to tell you about.
(On the essay in Paper 2 about unemployment and pensions).
I wrote:
'Many people WANT to work but lack the necessary qualifications, or are being discriminated against. In fact, the figure is *Emma thinks for about 10 minutes of a figure* 3% *scribbles out* 10% *scribbles out*...5%'

Unreasonable statistic? Perhaps.
Cunning though.
well well well...and i thought you were a sensible mature girl....if i was that invigilator id have cracked u over the head with a door wedge, in fact scrap the wedge, i'd crack u over the head with a door..that would've sorted u out..yeah
Yeah Goldie - come and sort me out :P

ROLL ON Gen Studs Unit 6 on Thurs!

Ideas for breaking more rules anyone?
I think we should actually shout 'BEAZY' as opposed to disguising it as a cough.

Erm...no more ideas for cheating but I think more Beazy-ing. And literary references.
Do you remember this?
Mrs.Stott's worksheet: 'Men are more equal than women. Discuss.'

Me: 'It's Orwell...Animal Farm...in General Studies'. And you were the only one that 'got it' haha

HAHAHA i love it... was the invigilator a bit deaf do u reckon? ooooooooooh geography is over! andi only haveone exam left!! ahhh tht feels so good :D
love u..
ready for our revision session on friday? be there or be a square, i mean a WEDGE!! lol!
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