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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Zoe is being deported

But i couldn't leave without posting a pre-holiday blog. TRADITION mate! (honestly, not because i've found a new activity to avoid ... PACKING! Anti-Packing Group yerr - I wonder what CRAZY things she'll get up to..)


First off - last night was WICKED.

It was so much fun getting you all to dance like loons with me. Also - 2 for 1 on cocktails at Revs - ME AND E made use of that! (plus the barmen are hot in Revs!)

It was fun stalking fit checkered shirt boys who looked like a straight, hotter version, less Maltan version of Will Cass - haha he's going to have an ego trip

It was also fun dancing to complete mashups of ALL my fave songs and trying to pop with Austin. (Didn't work but he is the dancing king - after Rafi lol)

However, you know one thing that's not fun? People forcing themselves on you - and then after making a hasty excuse and retreat... bumping into them again later that night - realising that the dark, is ACTUALLY their friend.

That's not fun.

There were lots of beautiful moments like this
Danny D takes On Hutton. Much to his delight. And comfort.

And some interesting ones... (lol at Austin!)

WTF is Autin doing? Chrysostom looks like he's having fun!

But yeahh - should give kudos to the drivers for getting everyone there - Elly, Danny D, Miner Matt and Hutton - who probably should have extra kudos cos he drove his car when Beasley had thrown up in it a few nights before.... but then again... Elly had a drunk Chizzel to deal with and Miner Matt had Frazer amongst his passengers - we ALLL know that Frazer is a wild wild boy when drunk :/ (lol jks)

Am a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiit kankered seeing that I got back about 2ish and went to bed much later lol

But yeah I have last minute packing to do. I'll do it sometime.
After breakfast.

Haha this morning, my mum said "Zoe, we need to try and clear the fridge so eat as much as you can"


Oooh and my AMAZON package came this morning - good timing! But yeah, i found The Postal Service, Fatboy Slim, JayZ VS LinkinPark AND a bit of Rage - ALL for £16
Bargain mate.

And randomly - i'm looking forward to the in-flight movie for some reason... I hear its BrokeBack Mountain...

Hope you all have a wicked two weeks. I'll catch some of you soon no doubt but til then...

Enjoy the silence


# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/27/2006 09:10:00 am
Wow, you ordered the Postal Service? Good taste! (Y) as you would say. Have fun xxx
i agree.. the postal service are rather good.

anyways....zoe. have loads of fun and thanks for last night :) give me a ring when u get back and we'll do a thursday night at oceana instead. i hear its better lol...

again...have fun... :)

Good to have you back i need some reading material so get a blog up now!
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