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Friday, July 14, 2006

Everything Changes But You...

There was a Take That Greatest Hits album playing on the in flight entertainment system...

But it's slightly true - i get back from hol and so much has changed, gone on, happened etc

Half of you are on hol - or STILL on holiday, lucky betches.

When i find the time (lol) i will type up a holiday blog - but to put it shortly, it was great - the weather was hot, i bought a whole new wardrobe and i met about 50 future husbands lol

Questions questions questions

First of all - who the hell are these new people on Big Brother? And WHO are these people in Eastenders?
And - why is there suddenly Jimmys Farm on tv?!

And wtf is this Only Fools On Horses thing?!

The weather is really nice - though i heard that you guys got storms + uber heatwave too?
I've said it before, and i'll say it again, our weather is bordering fucked up lol

Oh - and random news, i found my old Tamagotchi - it's alive!!! I think i might have to take the batteries out soon as the incessant noise is KILLING me. Though, it can gamble and drink alcohol so at the moment I quite like it!

Has anyone got any embarassing tales from the 5 or so parties that went on in the past two weeks? I'd be happy to swap my humiliation stories from HK - believe me, there are many lol

Anyways, just thought i'd get this rolling again - i'm now off to play with my new toy - i bought an ERHU (chinese two stringed violin/cello) so am teaching myself it so i can be uber
It sounds like i'm strangling a chicken.

OOOh, jsut a thought - back to the title of my blog.

Well, i got my hair cut but they've done it cleverly so it's still uber long! It's also been dyed a bit lighter - though the sun and sea has not reacted well with it, i swear i'm ginger now.

Oh and i got new glasses that make me look like a scene kid.

Joy joy joy!

Will be seeing you all very soon!
(Me and Machete have to go back to school next week though :s)

Oceana next Thurs anyone?

*** EDIT*** - you might like to know that my Tamagotchi has passed away due to a faulty power connection. This gives me a new record of 2hours and 26 minutes. I'm holding a memorial service tomoro morning if you feel affected by this. Flowers can be sent to my home address.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 7/14/2006 08:16:00 pm
Yo, glad you had a good time.

Why are you going back to school next week?

The new housemates were in a secret house in Big Brother and Aisleyne gradually 'evicted' them but they instead went into the house (all of them bar Jonathon).

You really have been away for a long time if you don't know all of this! When I'm in Gran Caneria I'm buying trashy tabloids everyday and finding some English bars with TVs. Yes.

oh tamagotchis *sighs* Back in the day!xx
We're on holiday with no young kids around town. As you'd say "its the beginning of something beautiful." heheh
Bec x
embarassing tales from parties...duno bout embarassing...but charles decided to grope me at ellys. was more horrific than embarassing.lol. havnt seen you in ages zo!!! i miss ye, methinks a marsworth party is needed soon-as has ben A YEAR sinse the last 1!!!!

taa raa for now chazlyXxxxX
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Heya there stranger! Glad to hear you had a good time even if you are ginger lol. I just thought I'd let you and any of your readers who remember me know that I've only got 7 days left in the country now, and I've made myself a flashy México blog. I'm now going to be rude and link it! Here!

Tamagotchis FTW

adios xxx
Tut tut Jimix, i might have to delete you for being SPAM.

Lol - buena suerte.
(Thanks GCSE SPanish)
nothing better than Specially Processed American Meat! lol sorry.

*begs for smooth smooth forgiveness*

BTW, if I'm such a spammer, why is there a shiny MYNSIL link on my sidebar hmm? =p

Jimix x
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