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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

General Highlights


Episode 1 - The Cruise
They’ve introduced this new one-night cruise, where basically, they take you in this grand ship, out to sea, in a circle and then back again the next morning.

Pointless you’d think?
Well, basically, it’s an opportunity for gambling and all-inclusive buffets and shows.

I didn’t gamble, the show was pants – oh lolol the show. It was one of these “stories” about the elements – Earth, Fire, Water – BASICALLY it was House Dance on Ecstasy – complete with tacky costumes and the odd transvestite here or there. (Ask me to do the first 8 counts of the intro – you’ll love it. THEY USED MY MOVE)

We then went to watch some musical trio play hits from the 60’s-90’s and somehow, they ended up doing one of the most famous dancefloor fillers….

Episode 2- The Old folks + The Macarena.

Believe me, I’ve seen some entertaining things in my life but there is nothing quite better than watching a group of middle aged peoples trying to do the Macarena. All I can say is – at least they all jumped at the same time.
Apart from that, no one really knew the moves so, as of now, the first sequence is punching the air in front of you four times.

Shaaame on them.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 7/19/2006 03:31:00 pm
What no 'saturday night' on the cruise? Lolz luv J
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