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Monday, August 14, 2006


Details to follow here soon.

*shakes fist at stupid bus stops pretending to be parking spaces*

Lol doy

This is what happened.

And i'm telling you it's all a big pile of gay.

We pulled into this residential area and were coming up to a layby. At the end of the layby, there was a silver car parked.

The examiner said.
"I'd like you to pull up before we pass this silver car"

So I pull into the layby at the opposite end to the car thinking, it's residential area, there's a car parked there - it's probably some residential parking area..

(quite easy to see my train of thought eh?)


He then tells me that we're going to drive past the next road and do the reverse round the corner routine. All goes well.


Back at the driving centre, i get my 12 minors and...

MAJOR FAULT (of the serious variety)

This "lay-by" was not infact a "residential parking area" and more of a "bus-stop"


With "double yellow lines" too - but hey... i swear you don't SEE these things when you're nervous do you?!

Oh - and you might find it funny that i stalled on the VERY FIRST turn i made.
Luckily that only counted as a minor for gears.

"Don't worry" says the examiner (aka TRICKSTER) "you'll get it NEXT TIME!"

But for now.

The streets are still safe.

Though sometimes i see drivers and wonder - how did they manage to pass in the first place?!

# posted by Unknown @ 8/14/2006 10:36:00 pm
Oy hurry up cos i wana read how EXACTLY you failed rofl :-P
examiners are all evil. I bet they take great joy in failin us all!
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